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I don't understand what the different types of hoops are (OFAM, SIPF, SPF, TFA).  Could someone explain this to me?  Is there a way to rename them to make more sense, I like to see 5"  and only the ones I have.  Can I edit the file to rename them?

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The names of the hoops are Tajima part numbers.  You can rename the files.  Here is how you can do this:

1) Select Start-Programs-Tajima-DG/ML by Pulse 2009-Support-Application Data Folder.

2) You should then see a number of folders.  Open the Hoops folder.  You will then see sub folders for different hoop types.

3) Inside the sub folders, there are a number of files, 2 files for each hoop.  A DXF file that contains the shape of the hoop and a .hoop file that contains information that is used for the auto hoop feature.

4) You can rename the files, using the same name for each file.

Best Regards,

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My problem is I don't know which hoop is which on the software.  I take my best guess by measurement. Is there a guide anywhere?  All I have are the hoops that came with my machine and a the reversible ones from Durkee, a large clamping frame.


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The hoops are all the green hoops that come with Tajima’s.  The numbers are in centimeters.  The 18 in each selection (OFAM, SIPF and TFA) seem to be all the same – the measurement is all the same (I opened each one on the screen and nothing seemed to change).  On the green hoops there are corresponding numbers – 12, 18, so on and so forth.  I’d measure the hoops you have and see which matches what is in the system.  You can always upload your own by saving things as a DXF and loading into the Hoop folder in Pulse.

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