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I am new at this Version 11.21 Seirra Embroidery office. I can not get my Lettering to sew out in Fill embroidery stitches. I go to Lettering, choose my font, size and type (arch, straight etc) but when I try toselect it for fill with undrlay it does not work. Please can anyone help me. Please forgive my stupidity but I am just learning this new 11.21 verson.
Also, How can I get Hat text/designs to sew from cenetr out? Where do you select this at and get it to work. Having a difficult time with this new version.Thanks Allen

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if this is a True Type, just select one of the many fill stitch styles from the Stitch type button on the ribbon. 

If this is a pre-digitized embroidery Font, make sure to choose one of the few that have been created as Fill objects. There are only a few, but you can probably tell just by looking at the preview thumbnail when you browse through the Font Library. 

If you?re trying to get a fill out of a pre-digitized Font that was digitized as a satin stitch, you can try one of two things. 

One is to just use the AutoSplit option of your Object Inspector to give it a bleed satin look. The random setting with default values will work better than the proportional or fixed. 

The other way to do it is the way the old EO Edit used to do it way back when, and it?s not very reliable, but you can save the entire thing as a DST, and bring it back in as a DST. Once you have the DST on screen, use the Select All tool from your Stitch Editing ribbon, then choose the Processing button, then go to the zigzag tab to choose the fill pattern option.

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Zloi just proved why we have forums! Don?t listen to the over-thinking techie know-it-all (me). Listen to the people that really do know what they?re doing! (Zloi)
Hey diver, you forgot to answer how to generate text for caps, from the middle to outside, the program have any automatic option for that or it only explodes and reposition the letters?

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Oops, sorry I forgot to answer question on sewing letters from center out. In the lower levels, type it in the order you want it to sew out, so for EXAMPLE type MAXEPLE, then move letters accordingly until it reads EXAMPLE, but it?ll still sew out like you typed it in, M-A-X-E-P-L-E. The close point connection will take care of the rest. 

If you have the digitizing levels, and for a 100% true center out, use Branching tool as follows: 

1. Fully explode text (not into "characters" but full explode instead). 

2. Select the entire text. 

3. From the Layout ribbon, choose Branching. 

4. Watch at the bottom of the design window how it asks for "Set Entry Point", so just click where you want that entire text to start sewing. 

5. Repeat for exit point. That?s it, it will regenerate stitches accordingly.

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