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There is NO Stabilizer shortage.

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I would like to point this out, and have the word spread around. There is no shortage of stabalizer. Seems to be a big problem of some people ordering absurd amounts of stabilizer in such fear that is screwing everything up. 10, 20... 60 different customers Panic order a good or goods... well yeah, the whole system is going to slow right the eff down. Lol, Has slowed down. There is NO shortage, just high panic demand. Stabilizer is not TP. If your having trouble getting any, it's because a bunch of people are panic ordering, and slowing general production. CHILL THE FRICK OUT PEOPLE! ORDER NORMAL! 90%+ of your stabilizer is made right here in the US! Relax and spread the word please, before production people decide to start quiting because of how ridiculous this mess is.

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I'm part of the production process and one of those employees ready to walk off the job and never look back. I've never personally embroidered before, but seemingly it is all good. Cut away, tear away, cap stabilizer. I've never seen such demand for it before and that would be because of the reason I've mentioned in the original post. I have watched some embroidery action in person and have been fond of tear aways. Just looks and feels satisfying... tearing it off, lol.

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Despite whatever company your ordering from, I'm sure everyone on my side of the coin is trying their best. Be patient if your not getting your orders fulfilled as quickly as before. The sheer demand is unpresidented. I've never seen a busy season so backlogged. I haven't walked out yet. Still trying to get goods shipped out. And praying for a more normal 2022.

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Tell you what. The back log is never ending. SMH. F*ck it. ya'll can wait weeks for your huge orders, instead of just ordering here and there. Don't gotta order 16000 pcs of this and 12000 pcs of that. If your using that in a week... well bully for you. But I doubt most people are sh*tting out that many shirts or caps in a week.(for the non commercial people ordering large) Hah, people panic ordering is just going to keep slowing everything. And we have a treasure trove of backing after the last X-mas near shortage. If all embroider's come together and order normal amounts, as if the sh*t isn't going to dissapear, the process would go better....... rolling into the new year. People aren't. Obviously just a fraction of embroiderer's on here. Spread the word. Cause f*ck if I'm work any extra time over the xmas holidays. Can sit to Febuary for all I care. 

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