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toyota ad860 giving error message disk read error using floppies

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Hello group I am in serious need of help! I have a Toyota Expert 860 that I just purchased used. I have been able to load the 3.5 floppy and choose my file but when I hit set it give me Disk Read Error fd:10h. I have been trying to get this machine to work for 3 MONTHS..Iam ready to get a big dumpster..please someone help.

Thank you kindly,


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i am having same trouble exactly as you  I think you got to use 3.5 dd floppy disk formated fat   i think most 3.5 floppies are hd  not dd today   if you got your machine to work let me know im having same problem the dd disk are very old style  i read service manual and it says data disks  suppose to be dd  the disk drive might be giving error message because of this

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im trying to use floppy disk on old ad860 machine i copied some files in dst file extension. machine reads and display the file stiches etc but when i go to color screen the machine crashes with disk read error..   I noticed i put files on a 3.5 hd 3.5 floppy..  my next move is to get some  3.5 dd floppies and see what happens any suggestions?

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It is important to ensure that the software you use is compatible with your machine in order to achieve the best results. You can refer to the user manual of your machine for information on compatible file formats and software.

Alternatively, you can also contact the manufacturer of your Toyota AD 860 machine or the PE Design Next software for further assistance and recommendations on the most suitable embroidery software to use with your machine.

I hope this helps, and happy embroidering!

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Regarding the issue with the Toyota 860. You mentioned contacting the manufacturer. Since they don't make these machines anymore I don't think that's an option. I am also getting a read disc error message 04.

My question is is there a way to bypass the floppy disc and connect directly to the computer?

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