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    Отличное качество вышивки. Вышила на футболке мужа. Просто супер. Спасибо огромное.
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    Super! Thank you very much! I like science fiction. This is a design without any season.
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    Thank you for a nice design. Resizing for my hoop was successful. Let's see, how stitching goes.
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    Beautiful! Looks just like my friends pet!
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    Acquired the download via Embroiderers Community as needed to resize for a project. I could not be happier, fantastically easy to use, I read through the articles before acquiring My Editor. A simple to use program for most embroiderers. THANK YOU Embroiderers Community. AJ :):)
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    Thank you! So, now I have something to study. ))))
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    great set for a lap quilt I think, thank you*
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    I looked at the PDF so I could see the design and it is perfectly matched to the original styles I have seen for the quote, Live long and prosper. I cannot wait to get it onto something. I need to get a new jacket and put it on button hole line down the front, or open the side of a pair of jeans an put it there. Thanks again. Linda
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    No, I have PFAFF Creative 1.5, and my largest hoop is 24x15 cm (10x6 "). The software allows me to open much larger size of designs by simply changing the settings in the software. First it is necessary to change type of hoop to "universal". You can change the size of the design and quantity of stitches, can open files in the formats PES, HUS, vp3, VIP, VP4 and some others, then to save them in vp3 or vp4 format for PFAFF / Husquarna machines for smaller hoop size. It took time before I have found this option.
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    Очень красиво. Спасибо!
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    looks great thank you for sharing your work***
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    OMG! Thank you so very much!!!! I didn't know if anyone read my request and I am so grateful you did! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You just made my day!
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    I'll try to minimize design to my hoop 15x24 cm. If I get success I place picture here.
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    So nice flower.))) I try to find other design the same style to combine. I like it very much. Thank you!
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    WOW! So beautiful! I like color combination and a little bit humor.))) I want to download it for my future project. Thank you very much!
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    Yes, I like to make gifts for people I know.
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    Perfect size for embroidering at back of jacket. Thank you!
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    We can trust such dog. Nice design. Thank you.
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    Seems as though it's gonna stretch out beautifully thank you very much gorgeous design hope is not too big for my 5 by 7
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    oh that is too cute and funny, thank you*
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    I love all of your embroidery designs. There has not been one bad one, ever. I will admit I haven't tried all of them yet, But using them on bags for kids in need. Thank you for your generousity
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    Can I ask what machines have a hoop large enough to stitch this design out please? I often see beautiful designs but the stitch out size is too large for my hoops (largest = 360 x 200mm - 14 x 7.8ins). Thank you
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    It shows at the top that there are two different sizes of the dragon but the PES files are both of the same size.
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    Thank you very much for this beautiful design, I love it thanks again
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    It is so cute bird! Can be a good gift for my sister-in-law. She adore owls. Thank you!
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    Meget smuk. glæder mig til at sy den
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    Thank you very much! Such a cute little animal!
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    Thank you for the lovely design. Now I need the pattern for the bag!
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    Pourquoi on ne peut pas téléchargé merci
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    Floriani Total Control. I also use the Bernina Free Artlink 7. Never had any problem with either except with the photo stitch and then only with a few.
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