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    Oh my word. That looks fantastic. There is going to be a very lucky boy, or girl out there. Who is loved very much by the person creating the quilt for them. Thank you for posting a picture of your work, I love seeing what people put embroidery on to. Keep up the great work. All the best. Dave W
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    This is a design created by Dave W. I enlarged it to fit my 7.10" hoop length. It sewed perfectly.
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    A beautiful tote bag because I love the horses..
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    je cherche cette magnifique tête de chat pour l'acheter mais je ne trouve pas! pouvez-vous m'aider merci
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    So cute! I love cats.))) P.S. Where I can get this lovely design? P.P.S. I have found it in this store. So small things can make me happy.)))
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    This is amazing! Would love to have the design
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    We can do a little design just as an experiment. But we cannot guarantee quality.
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    Owl in color free embroidery design This special pillow with "Owl in colour" free embroidery design I have made for my stepson. I managed one more time to make happy someone in our family thanks wonderful embroidery design from this webshop.For embroidering I have used the original Madeira Rayon colours.
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    Hi Nenychi This looks so great, absolut lovely. I've got a question. Did you restyle the design? I only found the design with the bow, this one is more interesting for me ;-)
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    how can I upload this design to my brother SE600?
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    Thank you!. I lso love one colored embroidery designs. This simple..for domestic machines.
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    I LOVE it and the embroidery just bling it up!!! FIESTA
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    If you want to buy this project using a mobile device, such as ipad. You can find this Cocoa for bunny embroidery design on our new website.
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    This work deserving compliments, especially because it is difficult material to do embroidering.
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    Darling design,but too large for my machine. Also, a color chart would be nice for us new ones.
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    Wunderschöne Idee für einen Tannenbaum der ganz anderen Art.
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    It is an excellent way to describe the nature. You have used the art work in a fabulous way.
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    très beau ton chaton....j'adore ....bisous et merci pour tes motifs de broderie
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    I love this design. I've been wanting to try it on a casual white terry jacket. What stabilizer and topper would you suggest? Thank you for your time.
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    Could someone steer me in the right direction of this filled in zebra I would really appreciate any help. Helen
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    Hi everyone, my husband and I really love this cute little bee. He was so much fun to stitch out. My husband loves his new mug mat, or mug rug, some of you may call it. Thank you for this sweet design. DeniseL
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    Thank you for the design, looking forward to stitching it out
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    Can I ask how to get the Zebra with Glasses design. Thankyou
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    I'd love to add the mice. Are they available? They are darling.
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    Click on the part where it says "Spring is always in the heart free machine embroidery design" that's highlighted in BLUE!
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    I have been trying to resize, center, clarify hoop size, using Sew Art Pro, Wilcom, and another that was a demo, but not able to get the frozensist,3.pes to download to my PED-basic card. All other designs have downloaded. Please help Brother 350-SE.
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