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Found 12 results

  1. Welcome to a world where charming Chase Dog embroidery designs bring joy and playfulness to your home! This adorable embroidered set features the beloved Chase dog embroidery design character, making it a delightful addition to any space. Whether you're a fan of this cute canine or simply appreciate unique and creative embroidery, this Chase Dog set is sure to win your heart. Whimsical Designs for a Fun and Lively Atmosphere The Chase Dog embroidered set features a variety of fun designs that showcase this lovable character in various poses and settings. From playing fetch to lounging around, these whimsical designs capture the playful spirit of Chase Dog, creating a lively atmosphere in any room. The vibrant colors and intricate details make these embroidered pieces truly stand out and add a touch of canine charm to your home. High-Quality Embroidery for Lasting Beauty Our talented designers use professional techniques and high-quality materials to ensure that your Chase Dog embroidered set remains stunning and vibrant over time. The expert craftsmanship guarantees that the embroidered designs will not only look amazing but also withstand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy your playful Chase Dog set for years to come. Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers and Fans of Chase Dog The Chase Dog embroidered set makes for a thoughtful and unique gift for dog lovers and fans of this adorable character. With their charming designs and high-quality craftsmanship, these embroidered pieces are a heartwarming reminder of the special bond between humans and their canine companions. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or simply want to surprise a fellow dog lover, this embroidered set is a perfect choice. Join Our Passionate Embroidery Community At forum.embroideres.com, we are proud to showcase a wide variety of embroidery designs and projects, ranging from home décor items to clothing and accessories. Join our supportive and enthusiastic community of embroidery enthusiasts, where you can share your creations, exchange ideas, and find inspiration for your next project. Don't forget to browse our gallery for more unique and creative designs to spark your imagination! In conclusion, our Chase Dog embroidered set is an irresistible addition to any dog lover's home or collection. With their whimsical designs and high-quality craftsmanship, these pieces are sure to brighten your space and bring a smile to your face. Explore our extensive collection of Chase Dog designs today and start creating your very own canine-themed haven!
  2. On this picture you can see the comfortable sleeping set for child decorated with the picture of cartoon dog. It consists of plaid and pillow made of light grey fleece in combination with the border of white fabric with brown stars. Chase dog embroidery design shows the character from well-known Blue nose friends cartoon is made with suitable colors. Each item of the set has this embroidery sample and the name of the owner.
  3. A charming, slightly sad puppy looks so touching! Chase dog machine embroidery design — is best choice for you/ Just look how pretty the embroidered puppy looks at different things. This embroidery is great for clothes, accessories. Puppy, embroidered on a bag or backpack will become a true talisman! And what a pretty blanket you get with a pattern of embroidered puppies! A puppy with a blue nose is a classic image. But you can embroider it in any color! For example, in pink, he is also good. Look at the embroidered examples Chase dog on different things.
  4. There is the light plaid of pleasant grey color nicely packaged into transparent wrap and decorated with the small bow of the same color. It is designed for the little owner so the embroidered picture from Blue nose friends cartoon is the good idea to decorate it. Here we used Chase dog machine embroidery design: the picture of cute little dog with funny patch on its forehead which is ready to be a best friend for the child.
  5. There is the nice set executed with two main colors which are gentle shades of turquoise and grey. It contains of soft terry towel and light fleece plaid. Both items of this set are decorated with the character from Blue nose friends cartoon. Chase dog machine embroidery design is the picture of funny little dog with small patch on its head which seems to be waiting for its friend to play with him.
  6. This is a very practical towel for child. Firstly it has the dark color so it is easy to keep it clean. Furthermore it is terry so it perfectly absorbs water. Finally it is decorated by the picture of Chase dog from well-known Blue nose friends cartoon so each child will definitely like it. Here we chose Chase dog machine embroidery design which looks especially cute at the fluffy surface.
  7. There is the cute set for little girl made of soft pink fleece. It includes light plaid and little pillow — so there are all necessary thing for the sweet dream after lunch or at night. They are decorated with Chase dog machine embroidery design which is executed in unusual color scheme. To make the embroidered picture suitable for the color of this set author chose the pink color for the head of dog.
  8. This snowy white terry towel is very nice and comfortable itself. But it becomes even more pleasant because of the decoration made with Chase dog machine embroidery design. All children like this cute character from Blue nose friends. This picture is added by the name of boy who owns the towel. The head of the dog and the inscription are made with the same color which looks very beautiful on the white background.
  9. This is very nice child’s set which includes all the necessary things for comfortable life. They are soft plaid and small pillow of pleasant fleece and also fluffy terry towel needed after shower. These things have the very nice color scheme consists of light grey and grassy green colors which is added by Chase dog machine embroidery design: the figure of pretty little dog from famous Blue nose friends cartoon.
  10. This is nice embroidered sleeping set for little boy made with the great taste. The original set consists of two items — soft plaid and pillow made of light grey fleece combined with polka dot fabric of grassy green color. For making it unique and especially pleasant the author added the blanket and pillow by the name of future owner and the picture of Chase dog. Chase dog machine embroidery design is executed in the green color scheme to fit the shade of fabric of this set.
  11. There is textile gift set decorated by Chase dog machine embroidery design. This embroidery sample is very popular for the bed linen and towels designed for little boys and girls. So it’s not surprising that the author of the set chose this picture for it. The head of Chase dog, one of the cutest characters of Blue nose friends cartoon, is made with blue thread as the name of the owner and other inscriptions.
  12. There is the pretty textile set which includes all the necessary things for little owner. They are soft plaid, fleece pillow and the fluffy towel for using after bathing. Each of them has the pastel color which underlines the cuteness of embroidery sample used for this set. It is Chase dog machine embroidery design which shows the figure of the character known due to Blue nose friends cartoon popular among the children.
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