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Found 1,576 results

  1. Embroidered bag ship with sails

    This is nice embroidered bag which is good example that sea theme is always great option for decoration of textile accessories. Ship free machine embroidery design is quite little to be convenient for this bag but big enough to attract everybody’s attention. It looks very accurate and sharp on dark smooth background of this bag. It’s good sample if you like unusual ways to decorate accessory for your everyday life.
  2. In this picture you may see close up plan of Ship free machine embroidery design. It is quite simple but very expressive picture which can make memorable and interesting even simple boring accessory. It looks good on smooth dark surface which underlines dense texture of seams creating ship’s contour. Sample is created to be most convenient for authors. For example surface of sails is not totally covered but executed with little squares.
  3. Embroidered bag Sailing ship

    This is practical textile bag which is suitable for carrying notebook or documents. It was quite simple and even boring without Ship free machine embroidery design. Little silhouette of ship with sails filled with strong wind makes this bag much more interesting. It shows good taste of its owner and his love for adventures and travel. Light figure looks very bright and sharp on smooth dark background of bag’s surface.
  4. This picture is macro plan of Squirrel sewing machine embroidery design chosen for decoration of simple white t-shirt. This big picture let us examine all smallest details of this embroidery sample. We can see not only figure of little animal near sewing machine in retro style but also her creation. It is band with little hearts on all its length. There are some already finished napkins with heart and rhombus on the floor.
  5. This is nice t-shirt with interesting embroidery sample on its chest. It was just simple white clothing in youth style until it was decorated with Squirrel sewing machine embroidery design. It is funny picture of busy little animal which is creating pretty band with hearts on retro sewing machine. This unusual choice of picture raises thoughts that owner of this t-shirt also like to spend time for hand made things.
  6. This picture shows perfect idea of little gift for Valentine’s day which can show all your love for addressee. Dog with heart applique free embroidery design is figure of little pet with well-known symbol of love in its paws. Picture executed in appliqué manner is added with convenient loop which let you handle it on any corner or protruding part of your interior. You also can use it as gift for other memorable date.
  7. This is pretty embroidery sample which is not just part of whole work piece but separate funny accessory. You may hang this cute dog as little toy to any corner or protruding element of your home. Dog with heart applique free embroidery design is figure of little pet which is symbol of love and loyalty. This pretty souvenir can be nice gift for Valentine’s day for person you love best of all.
  8. This is unusual embroidered picture of heart executed in special manner which reminds traditional folk ornament. It is executed with just one color which looks even more intensive on simple smooth background of light fabric. Lacy heart machine embroidery design is memorable sample which is able to show all you feelings for addressee. This picture is very nice sample to create unique work piece for Valentine’s day or other important date.
  9. Embroidered bag Wild lily

    This is pretty embroidered bag with original design. It is created by complex of many interesting details such as big tassel at bottom part of bag and beautiful handle in form of chain. Its true highlight is Wild lily embroidery design. It is bright sample with extraordinary composition. At first glance it looks like usual girl picture with many flowers and intensive colors. But when you look at it twice you may note unusual features of girl’s face which remind skull.
  10. Embroidered bag couple of wolves

    This is cool embroidered bag which is suitable for person with strong spirit and love for wild nature. Its leather surface is decorated with big embroidery sample executed in realistic manner. Square of black leather serves as bright frame for picture. Wolves photo stitch free embroidery design is true portrait of two wolves in love. Their severe faces look tender at the same time: they are ready to go through any troubles to be together.
  11. This picture is close up plan of embroidery which will be center of composition for future work piece made by Ga Bik. It was just pocket of simple blue jeans while it wasn’t decorated with Rose of Winds free embroidery design. It transformed this element into nice detail which is ready to attract attention of all people around you. Style of embroidered sample is raising thoughts about long travel of medieval sailors finding new lands.
  12. Here is finished embroidery sample executed on dense background of jeans fabric. This perspective let us carefully examine all smallest details of this classical picture. Rose of Winds free embroidery design has round dial with first letters which marked four sides of light. Ornament frame of this sample made by Ga Bik is executed in style of medieval maps. This is fine embroidered picture for people who like travel and adventures in their life.
  13. Embroidered jeans rose of wind

    Here you may see process of creating nice stylish bag from used jeans. Highlight of future work piece will be definitely Rose of Winds free embroidery design executed by Ga Bik on pocket of trousers. It is added by name of famous island which is associated with freedom, adventures and taste of life. Together they create composition which deserves everybody’s attention. This is nice idea how to give second life for clothing you love best of all!
  14. This picture shows process of work on Rose of Winds free embroidery design. It is difficult to find more cool background for it than pocket of used jeans. Its dense fabric perfectly keeps complex ornament and serves as great complement element of classical color scheme. Due to it this picture made by Ga Bik looks like real sea measure which can shows direction of strong wind in filled sail of ship quickly going ahead!
  15. Embroidered jeans bag Fuerteventura

    This is cool embroidered bag made by Ga Bik. It seems to be full of adventures’ spirit. It is executed from practical jeans bag which is more attractive when becomes older. Its most important detail is original pocket decorated with name of famous island and rose of wind. This embellishment will definitely help you too find your own way in life! Rose of Winds free embroidery design looks very organically on this part of bag.
  16. It is nice embroidered towel which can be great gift for person who likes horoscope. It is very personalized work piece which is added by name of its owner and her zodiac sign. Zodiac sign Leo embroidery design shows all important attributes of this theme: they are head of gorgeous roaring lion, fragment of blue horizon with bright stars making constellation of Leo and symbolic mark of this Zodiac sign.
  17. Pink rose wreath embroidery design

    This picture is nice embroidered sample which shows unusual portrait of creative woman. She can be actress, or poetess, or dancer — anyway she is so beautiful in this wreath of huge splendid flowers covered even her eyes. Rose wreath embroidery design is nice composition which is created not only by its embroidered elements but also by bright color of background’s fabric. It is important part of this incredibly attractive sample.
  18. Rose wreath embroidery design

    This is beautiful embroidered portrait executed in unusual technique. There are just two main colors used for it. Thin sharp contour of Rose wreath embroidery design is added by fuzzy clouds covered girl’s shoulders, hair and flowers on her head. But entire embroidered sample looks very bright because of usage of suitable fabric as background. It serves not only as main color: it is competent part of whole composition playing its important role.
  19. This is pretty embroidered souvenir prepared as gift for little girl. There is some important information about this event on its surface: here we may see her name, date and time of birth, weight, height, blood group and even zodiac sign. But center of composition is definitely Sweet fairy machine embroidery design. It is figure of little girl with big beautiful eyes and transparent wings behind her back. Her nice hairstyle is embellished by flower.
  20. Here you can see nice soft pillow executed in pink color scheme. It is not just comfortable pillow but also memorable souvenir prepared with love for birthday of little girl with beautiful name. It is added with some important information about this event. Sweet fairy machine embroidery design is nice picture chosen for this pretty work piece. She seems to be looking right at you with her big beautiful eyes.
  21. This is cute little cushion prepared for beloved person with gentle feelings. Two Hearts embroidery design is one of the best options for decorate it: these hearts surrounded by green leaves looks like wonderful flowers with drops of water. Little hearts around this image support main sample. Embroidered picture is added with thematic inscription and name of future owner. Work piece looks very bright in spite of simple white background. It is nice picture for creating souvenirs for Valentine’s day.
  22. This is pretty interior cushion which is not just beautiful souvenir but also kind of impulse for great things! There are many decoration technique used here but pillow is not overloaded at all: they perfectly combine with each other. Center of entire composition is definitely Young photographer embroidery design: bike behind girl’s back seems to be same that on top part of pillow. Inspiring inscription near embroidery sample is also important!
  23. Embroireded apron bowl of cherries

    This close up plan of nice embroidered apron shows how attractive can be practical equipment for cooking. Abstract background in calm color scheme is embellished with bright embroidery made in unusual technique. Picture is added with thematic inscription on work piece. Bowl of cherries cross stitch free embroidery design raises thoughts about tasty food, beautiful garden and generous summer — nice ideas which can be used while cooking unusual and inspired meal!
  24. This is stylish embroidered apron for kitchen. It will not just help to protect your dress from stains but also provide great mood till cooking. Its unusual background fabric is used in vice versa color scheme on pocket. Bowl of cherries cross stitch free embroidery design looks like bright accent on calm surface of apron. Main elements of embroidery and print of fabric are balls and thing branches: they perfectly combine with each other.
  25. This is nice example of funny embroidery sample good for decoration of children’s clothing or accessories. Kitty applique free embroidery design is made in special technique which requests not only threads for embroidery but also piece of fabric for background. Look how interesting is combination of two types of fabric chosen for this work piece. Both of them are polka dot and has blue color scheme. All embroidered details are executed as dense seams.