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Found 2,779 results

  1. This is pretty textile bag made in monochrome color scheme. Its body is executed from dense dark fabric which makes it very convenient accessory for everyday use. Its front side is decorated with Dandelions free embroidery design. Due to it this work piece looks very beautiful and well elaborated. It creates true feeling of hot summer with fluff of dandelions everywhere around you.
  2. This is convenient and ecological textile bag: it is very easy to use instead of plastic bags when going to shop due to its small size in folded format. Furthermore you can find much more ways to use it: for example to keep replaceable footwear. Its front side is added by Mouse cuts heart embroidery design. This is funny picture of little brave mouse which can perfectly manage this huge scissors.
  3. Princesses are different and vivid proof of that, Princess Merida. It is a brave, courageous and brave princess, who is there to protect his family and his clan. And what of the Disney princesses is more suitable for you? Buy the design here: Brave Princess Merida with arrow machine embroidery design
  4. If you are searching embroidery as a gift for a little girl, choose design with one of the princesses of Disney. This win-win option because all the girls, sometimes in secret, love the Disney Princess. Buy the design here: Aurora embroidery design 1
  5. This is funny textile bag which is able to give some ease and mischief to your look. Firstly it is made from unusual material: it is felted cloth with large texture which reminds granite or other natural material. Secondly this nice fabric is decorated with Loving couple of sparrows embroidery design. Note that author of this work piece chose original color scheme to make it more suitable for her own design.
  6. This is impressive cooking accessory executed in bright color scheme. Due to it and also inscription at chest it is clear that this work piece is designed for man. If you are best cooker you deserve to wear it. Its front side is decorated with picture of ready meal. It is BBQ restaurant 2 embroidery design. Author slightly changed original picture removing inscription on it.
  7. This is nice embroidered summer bag which can say much about its owner. Judging by bag we can say that she loves romance and adventures, convenient casual style, beautiful things and certainly glass of good wine. All this information is shown byFrench coquette machine embroidery design. It is mysterious portrait of elegant woman with glass of wine. Her face is hidden by wide-brimmed hat with big flower.
  8. There is fragment of nice textile bag decorated with Scandinavian style flowers free machine embroidery design. This sample reminds about well-known Scnadinavian simplicity and minimalism in interior's decoration. Beautiful heads of little flowers are added by full name if this future owner.
  9. This is original spacious embroidered bag which is not only practical thing but also beautiful accessory. Its front side is decorated by composition of two embroidery samples. They are Orange flower free machine embroidery design and Violet flower free machine embroidery design. Author of this work piece created nice common picture from them. You may repeat this idea or try to create your own picture.
  10. This frog is the elegant oriental style picture. It is Frog free embroidery design for long walk through the evening city. It is made with different but calm colors which make it suitable for any outfit. Use it to complete your style and you will get the reputation of the person with impeccable taste who definitely knows how to choose the small detail to be the center of attention.
  11. This cat’s face was made as the sample of embroidery design by Lynnea Perry Bennett‎ who tried to express cat’s cunning and curious nature in this funny picture. It looks like the cat is getting out some strange place and you can’t be unnoticed if you choose Angry cat free embroidery design to decorate your bag or clothes. Don’t forget to be cunning and curious enough with this picture in your wardrobe! Author's comment: I couldn't resist the cat design.. I did not stitch the first white step to cut down on the density of the design. I love how it came out.
  12. The bag is one of the most important parts of look of every girl or woman. That’s why it has to be extraordinary, stylish and spectacular at the same time. The good idea to solve this task is to use this Sexy fairy free embroidery design to decorate your bag. But it’s not the only way to use this sample: you also can embroider the fairy on your clothes, bed linen or other items of home textile.
  13. The true woman has to have some mystery in her look. You can choose how to realize it: for example to wear the hat with wide brim or to put this sample of embroidery on your clothes or bag. This French coquette embroidery design will let you feel yourself somewhere on Champs-elysées or at the foot of the Eiffel tower. It’s not so difficult to look like the real French woman!
  14. White terrier in the glasses is not just the funny picture — it’s a kind of message reporting that the owner of this image is not as easy as he or she may look. This White terrier embroidery design is ok for decoration of summer bag or clothes for high school students or undergraduate: it is stylish, interesting and unusual — all that is necessary for young people to attract attention and look fashionably!
  15. Flowers are one of the most popular themes of decoration of summer wardrobe. This Big Swirl Iris machine embroidery design is the beautiful sample of bright flowers which is suitable to be embroidered on bag, clothes or headwear. It is the good idea to use intensive bright color for making this sample on the light background: this way you can underline your light nature, interest for the life and readiness for adventures.
  16. This is big convenient bag with interesting design. Its main idea is a bit sorrow but we can't ignore that it is composed with great taste. Its background is executed from printed fabric with web ornament. It can be understood as symbol of temptation and cunning that surround young girl. Center of composition is Girls's tears embroidery design. It is portrait of beautiful lady with tear-stained face.
  17. This picture shows nice hand made set executed in same style. It consists of two items executed from dark quilted fabric. This is very practical material for everyday use. But it doesn't mean that these pieces have identical appearance. They use combined but different embroidery sample. Big bag is decorated with Sad sparrow embroidery design. Little one is embellished by Flower and heart free embroidery design.
  18. There is the set of two towels made for the fan of special series of LEGO dedicated to famous cartoon hero Spiderman. The big and small towels of same intensive red color are decorated by LEGO Spiderman machine embroidery design made in different sizes which correspond to the towel size. The figure of Spiderman is made with his well-known blue and red colors. He is shown walking so he looks as realistic as he can be.
  19. It is not a coincidence that cats are the most popular animals — as online as offline. Many people melt with pictures and photos of these fluffy pets which seem to be able to express any emotions. This Stylish kitten machine embroidery design is the good example of this sentence: pink bow polka dot and glasses heart shaped make the kitten the true fashionable girl. His cute face is the good decoration for bag or wallet.
  20. There is two cool embroidered towels made especially for little child who loves cartoon about Frozen sisters. This set consists of nice work pieces. Each of them has bright and intensive color and decorated by portrait of one sister. These pictures are Anna Frozen 2 machine embroidery design and Elsa embroidery design 2. Author of these towels is Janine Stewart (Adelaide Australia)
  21. This is cool set of four embroidered towels decorated with portraits of characters from well known animation film about Frozen sisters. Samples used for decoration of these work pieces are Anna Frozen 2 machine embroidery design, Elsa embroidery design 2, Olaf resting embroidery design and Frozen sisters embroidery design 2. Together they create nice set executed in one style. Author: Janine Stewart (Adelaide Australia)
  22. This is couple of funny warm sleepers which is so convenient to wear when floor in your home is quite cold. These ones will be especially good for child who loves famous cartoon about Frozen sisters. Each item from this pair is decorated with portrait of one of them. They are Anna Frozen 2 machine embroidery design and Elsa embroidery design 2.
  23. This is cool terry towel decorated by Olaf resting embroidery design. Due to this original embroidery sample it can be used as bath towel and also as beach towel. Just look at this happy snowman lying on sand with cocktail in its hand! You will definitely want to repeat this situation as soon as possible. Author: Janine Stewart (Adelaide Australia)
  24. There are two embroidered terry towels of cold shades. They create cool set not only because of same color scheme but also due to embroidery samples used for decoration. Left one is embellished by Anna Frozen 2 machine embroidery design and right one’s sample is Elsa embroidery design 2. These work piece can be good gift for child who loves this well known cartoon. Author: Janine Stewart (Adelaide Australia)
  25. Textile bag is a very utilitarian thing: it is convenient for shopping, bringing some bulky clothes or shoes and going to the beach. But if you still want to male it stylish and catchy you should consider the decoration of this bag by cool picture. For example you can choose Zebra free embroidery design it is the unexpected and extraordinary image which will attract all the attention to your bag.
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