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Found 1,945 results

  1. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 7.24 x 9.09" Author: Zabava
  2. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 7.44 x 10.83" Author: Tonito
  3. Here you may see macro plan of pretty embroidered interior cushion decorated with French coquette machine embroidery design. It is portrait of mysterious woman in wide field hat which cover her face absolutely. But Eiffel tower at background of picture defines this place concretely. Looking at this picture you may find romantic dreams about adventures and love in your own head.
  4. Find the best design for decorating children's things and gifts. Bouquet for you 2 embroidery design
  5. diver361

    Shy embroidery design process

    Shy teddy bear 4 machine embroidery design Most of the embroidery work is already over. It is embroidered very quickly and simply. Ideal for a memorable gift to a newborn. Sew small cushion with teddy bear embroidery and name.
  6. We embroider and sew a gift for the newborn. This is a small suit with embroidery. Of course children grow up quickly, but this beautiful gift will remain as a memory of the best time. Shy teddy bear 4 machine embroidery design
  7. diver361

    Shy embroidery design

    The embroidery of the Teddy bear is over. There was only a snail left. A few more minutes and the first half of the work is finished. It remains to finish the sewing. Shy teddy bear 4 machine embroidery design
  8. Bath towels are the ones you use every day. Decorating with their embroidery is a good thing. Simple things that become a masterpiece. A bit of free time and an embroidery machine. That's all you need. Teddy bear after shower machine embroidery design
  9. This nice Teddy Bear with blue flower machine embroidery design on towel in the kitchen or the bathroom is better decorate! A cute and touching teddy bear is always in fashion. There is no better solution than embroidery design with teddy bears.
  10. Teddy Bear with lily embroidery design on towel in the kitchen or the bathroom is cute detal. Bright pink lily is especially good in the arms of a bear Embroidery on a towel This is a wonderful birthday present. Teddy bears are favorites of adult parents and small children. Embroidery will decorate a towel of any color. Create a personalised towel embroidery design with teddy bears. Embroidery makes things special. And you can choose to decorate your tablecloth, or bib, or any thing. Years pass, but the teddy bear is always the favorite. Embroidery makes things special and loved for a long time.
  11. Machine embroidery Teddy bear with I LOVE YOU board machine embroidery design - cute accent on a Bath Towel. Cute teddy bear with a red heart in his paws - on a bath towel. Such embroidery design looks especially attractive. Bear cub can be embroidered on bath towels, pillows, blankets. Embroidery can decorate clothes: a T-shirt or a dress. Machine embroidery on details of clothes, linen, accessories makes things especially charming. Teddy bear - the best choice for decoration for baby accessories. Embroidered bear cub will not fade with time. Embroidered bear cub will not fade with time. Therefore, embroidery is perfect for bath and kitchen towels, bed linen.
  12. Funny and cute Teddy bear in the bathroom machine embroidery design - а nice detail for decorating children's bathing accessories, pajamas, diapers, bed linen. Teddy bear best childhood friend. Embroidery with a bear will make any thing special. You can choose the color of the towel so that it harmonizes with the background of the embroidery. Look at successful examples of embroidery on various things. Choose an option that you like. Turn ordinary things into cute and beloved with embroidery Teddy bear. There is no better solution than embroidery with teddy bears.
  13. Machine embroidery Teddy bear I love you machine embroidery design - wonderful accent! Red hearts that take the Teddy bear to the sky: embroidery is the perfect decoration for children's underwear and accessories! This is the best expression of love for a baby! Machine embroidery Teddy bear&Red hearts is a nice detail that will become an ornament and create a special atmosphere of love. Every kind of embroidery is a decorative art done involving beautiful stitching on fabrics as well as canvas. Machine embroidery on details of clothes, linen, accessories makes things especially charming. Teddy bear - the best choice for decoration for baby accessories.
  14. Sweet Teddy bear after shower embroidery design. This funny and cute Machine Embroidery Design is ideal for a bath towel for a little girls. A cute teddy bear with a pink bow on the top, wrapped in a soft towel is very charm! Bright embroidery decorates bath towels for kids. Such a thing will become a favorite. Bath Towel with embroidery will be a wonderful gift to a newborn baby. A teddy bear with a bath towel will decorate any bathroom accessories. Lovely and touching accessories with embroidery - a symbol of happiness, coziness and warmth in the house. There is no better solution than embroidery with teddy bears.
  15. Lovely Teddy Bear like flowers machine embroidery design, embroidered on a towel - very cute detail on a bathroom towel A touching teddy bear with a flower in its paws is a symbol of joyful childhood. Embroidery with a teddy bear on a towel, bed linen, baby clothes will make the thing special. Lovely little things decorate our lives. Embroidery design with teddy bears will make the thing a favorite. Simple towels, tablecloths, nappies, bed linens will turn into special, thanks to machine embroidery. The image of a teddy bear - cute, kind and cheerful - the best choice for decorating children's things.
  16. Embroidered Exotic beauty embroidery design. Quick and simple for decoration your shirt.
  17. Femme fatale machine embroidery design is new embroidery design from the machine embroidery collection of sexy and fatal women. Very beautiful and expressive design for T-shirts, jackets or pillows.
  18. In the photo the enlarged fragment Femme fatale machine embroidery design. You can clearly see how beautifully the stitches. Very high quality machine embroidery design.
  19. We just finished embroidering. In the frame Femme fatale machine embroidery design.We still do not know how to apply this embroidery design, but definitely it will decorate any product anywhere.
  20. The photo shows the lower part of the embroidered design. You can see the real quality of Femme fatale machine embroidery design
  21. In the photo, the upper part of the embroidered design is the face of a young woman. You can see the real quality of machine embroidery Femme fatale machine embroidery design
  22. Have you ever seen the eyes which seem to look directly at your heart? If yes, you have to remember it for all your life. This picture is the metaphor of such spectacular look made with deep intense colors and completed by flowers and butterfly. You may use this Breathtaking look embroidery design as the decorative element for underlining the importance of any element of your wardrobe or home interior.
  23. Sometimes every woman wants to be mysterious and enigmatic. You can express your mood choosing this Dame with sunglasses embroidery design which evokes associations with spring, trees in bloom and romantic Paris. You can use this decoration as the big picture on the center of sweater of as small details on the pocket of your bag anyway it will complete your look and make you unforgettable for all people who will meet you with this look.
  24. Audrey Hepburn is the symbol of femininity and sophistication for people of all times. She is not just the movie star but also the embodiment of those qualities which every woman try to demonstrate for others. So her images are recognizable all over the world even if they are made with some lines. This Audrey Hepburn machine embroidery design is the good example of such a picture: this light sketch shows Audrey in her most memorable image.
  25. Audrey Hepburn was the great actress who played the roles in many films. But this is a common situation in the biography of actors when some movies are more successful than others. So we know her better in her famous image which you can see on this Audrey Hepburn machine embroidery design. This picture is made in grayscale with little accent on lips which gives it special grace and delicacy.