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  1. Embrace Your Faith: The Pray Pray Pray Embroidered Shirt Spiritually Inspired Style Our Pray Pray Pray embroidered shirt is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a statement of faith, a whisper of your spirit, and a testament to the power of prayer in our daily lives. Designed for the modern believer, this shirt blends contemporary fashion with a profound spiritual message. The meticulous machine embroidery adds a touch of elegance and craftsmanship, ensuring that your faith is not only felt but also seen. Comfort Meets Devotion We believe that your spiritual journey should be embraced with comfort and style. That's why our shirt with Pray pray pray embroidery design is crafted from the softest fabrics, offering a cozy fit for all-day wear. Whether you're attending a service, meditating in solitude, or simply going about your day, this shirt serves as a gentle reminder of the power of prayer and the comfort it brings to the soul. A Gift of Faith Looking for a meaningful gift that speaks to the heart? Our embroidered shirt makes for a perfect present that combines style, comfort, and spirituality. It's an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion where you wish to share a message of hope, faith, and relentless prayer. Give the gift of a wearable prayer that can uplift and inspire your loved ones every day.
  2. Ghoulish Giggles: Halloween Cuteness Overload! Introducing our Funny Ghost free embroidery design, an adorable twist on classic Halloween spooks. Tailored for the little pranksters, it's a blend of boo-tiful charm and hearty laughter! Boo Who? Friendly Ghosts Only! Banish the frights and welcome the fun! Our design turns the typical eerie apparition into a jovial pal. With its cheerful demeanor and mischievous twinkle, this ghost is all set to become your child's favorite Halloween free embroidery designs companion. Versatility That Charms From onesies for the tiniest trick-or-treaters to backpacks for school's Halloween parties, this design sprinkles its magic everywhere. It's not just an embroidery; it's a story of a ghost who loves to giggle! H3: Gift the Glee Hunting for a memorable Halloween gift? Whether it's for your niece, godchild, or the kiddo next door, items adorned with the "Funny Ghost" design are bound to spread infectious joy and create cherished festive memories. Unleash a realm where spook meets spoof, and spirits are more silly than scary. With our Funny Ghost embroidery design, gear up for a Halloween filled with giggles, cuddles, and a whole lot of candy-fueled fun!
  3. Used: Winking princess embroidery design Greetings, embroidery aficionados and fairy tale fans! Introducing the Winking Princess Embroidery Design, where the magic of royalty meets the art of embroidery. This design, with its blend of charm and cheekiness, is set to be the crown jewel of your collection. A Stitched Tale of Playful Royalty The allure of a princess is timeless, and when she winks, it's a tale of mischief and charm. This design captures that very essence, with every thread telling a story of a princess who's not afraid to have a little fun. Why This Design Reigns Supreme The Winking Princess Embroidery Design is more than just stitches on fabric; it's a narrative. The meticulous detailing, from the sparkling tiara to the playful expression, makes it a standout piece, perfect for those who love a touch of royalty with a twist. Crafting Fit for a Queen (or Princess!) This design is versatile, making it ideal for various projects. Think of a playful quilt for a child's room, a decorative cushion for a reading nook, or even a unique tote bag. The possibilities are as endless as a fairy tale! Care Tips: Treating Your Embroidery Royally To ensure your embroidered princess remains in her regal best, follow these care guidelines: Gentle Wash: Always opt for a delicate wash cycle to maintain the design's integrity. Royal Drying: Air dry in a shaded area to ensure the colors remain vibrant. Iron with Care: If you need to iron, always do it on the reverse side to protect the design. Conclusion: A Royal Addition to Your Collection! Ready to add a touch of whimsy and royalty to your embroidery projects? The Winking Princess Embroidery Design promises to be a conversation starter, adding charm and character to whatever you choose to embellish. So, gear up, and let the royal embroidery session begin! How's that for a fresh and engaging take on the Winking Princess embroidery design?
  4. Used: Dancing ballerina in a circle of love embroidery design Hey there, dance dreamers and crafty creators! When the world of ballet pirouettes into the realm of embroidery, something truly magical happens. As little feet dream of grand stages and graceful moves, our Ballet and Dance Machine Embroidery Designs bring those dreams to life, right on their favorite things! Ballet isn't just a dance; it's a dream, a discipline, and a delightful journey. And when this elegant world is captured in threads and stitches on children's items, it becomes a daily source of inspiration, reminding them of the beauty of movement and the power of passion. Spotlight on Ballet & Dance Embroidery Designs Imagine a soft, pastel-hued blanket adorned with delicate ballet slippers, or a school bag showcasing a twirling ballerina amidst shimmering sequins. These aren't just items; they're stories, dreams, and a daily dose of motivation for every little dancer. Why Ballet-themed Embroidery is a Must-have In the vast universe of children's designs, ballet-themed embroidery stands out like a prima ballerina. It's timeless, elegant, and speaks to the heart. Whether it's a tutu-clad toddler or a pre-teen preparing for her first recital, these designs resonate with every dance lover. Styling Ideas: Making Every Day a Ballet Day While the embroidered designs are enchanting on their own, here's how you can make them even more special: Dreamy Drapes: Think curtains with embroidered ballet motifs for a bedroom that feels like a backstage dressing room. Lunchtime Leaps: Lunch bags with playful pirouetting patterns to make mealtime magical. Study in Style: Notebooks and pencil cases adorned with ballet designs to inspire every study session. Care Tips: Keeping the Ballet Beauty Intact Your ballet-themed embroidered treasures deserve the best care, just like a precious pair of pointe shoes. Here are some tips: Gentle Grace: Always opt for a gentle wash to maintain the design's delicacy. Shade & Shine: Dry in a shaded spot to ensure the colors remain vibrant. Reverse Reverence: When ironing, always do so on the reverse to protect the embroidery. Conclusion: Dance, Dream, & Dress in Ballet Beauty! Are you ready to twirl into the enchanting world of ballet-themed embroidery? Whether you're a dance mom, an embroidery enthusiast, or a little one with stars (and stages) in her eyes, these designs promise to add a touch of grace to everyday life. So, let's lace up those ballet slippers, thread the needle, and let the dance begin! How's that for a heartwarming dive into the world of ballet-themed embroidered children's items?
  5. Used: I just wanna dance free embroidery design Machine Embroidery Designs. It's where the elegance of ballet pirouettes meets the intricate art of stitching, making every day feel like a performance day! The Graceful Charm of Ballet Embroidery Ballet, with its delicate movements and storytelling, has always been a dance that captures hearts. When these graceful motifs are intricately embroidered onto children's items, they not only add a touch of elegance but also inspire dreams of dancing under the spotlight. Spotlight on Ballet & Dance Embroidery Designs Imagine this: A tiny tutu, the color of a soft pink rose, embellished with embroidered ballet slippers. Or perhaps, a school backpack showcasing a pirouetting ballerina, inspiring its owner to dream big and dance freely. This isn't just about fashion; it's a tribute to the timeless art of dance. Why Every Little Dancer Needs These Items In a world of fleeting childhood trends, items with ballet-themed embroidery stand out as timeless keepsakes. Their detailed designs, from twirling ballerinas to poised pointe shoes, make them a must-have for every budding dancer or child enchanted by the world of ballet. Styling Ideas for Ballet-Themed Items While the embroidered designs are a statement in themselves, here's how you can enhance your little one's ensemble: :Pair with soft pastels, ballet flats, and a touch of tulle for that dance class look. Playdate Perfection: Match with comfy leggings, a cozy cardigan, and a playful spirit. Stage Star: Team up with a sequined headband, glittery shoes, and dreams of the spotlight. Care Tips: Keeping the Ballet Beauty Brilliant Your embroidered ballet items deserve to shine, just like a star dancer. Here are some care tips: Gentle Cycle: Wash with like colors to maintain the design's vibrancy. Air Dry: Let the design rest and retain its shape. Soft Ironing: Always iron on the reverse to protect the embroidery. Conclusion: Dance, Dream, and Dress in Ballet Beauty! Ready to dress your little one in the magic of ballet? The Ballet & Dance Machine Embroidery Designs are your ticket to celebrating the world of dance in style. Whether you're a ballet mom, an embroidery enthusiast, or a little one with dreams of dancing, these items promise to be the highlight of any wardrobe. So, embrace the grace, the dreams, and let's make every day a ballet day! How's that for a heartwarming dive into the world of ballet-themed embroidered children's items?
  6. Used: Hello pumpkin embroidery design Hey there, autumn aficionados and embroidery enthusiasts! As the leaves start their colorful waltz and the air gets that familiar crispness, what better way to embrace the season than by donning a T-shirt adorned with the Hello Pumpkin Embroidery Design? It's where the cozy vibes of fall meet the intricate art of stitching, making every day feel like a walk through a pumpkin patch! The Cozy Charm of Autumn Embroidery Autumn, with its tapestry of reds, oranges, and golds, has always been a season that warms the heart. When these vibrant hues and motifs are intricately embroidered onto apparel, they not only elevate our fall fashion game but also wrap us in the comforting embrace of the season. Spotlight on "Hello Pumpkin Embroidery Design" Imagine this: A soft cotton tee, the color of a late autumn sunset, embellished with the playful and endearing "Hello, Pumpkin" design. It's not just a piece of clothing; it's a mood, a feeling, a celebration of everything we love about fall. Why Every Autumn Lover Needs This Tee In a world of fleeting fashion trends, a T-shirt with the "Hello, Pumpkin" embroidery stands out as a timeless tribute to autumn. Its playful greeting, combined with the iconic pumpkin motif, makes it a must-have for those who wish to wear their love for the season on their sleeves... or rather, their chests! Styling Ideas for Your "Hello, Pumpkin" Tee While the embroidered design is a statement in itself, here's how you can enhance your autumn ensemble: Layered Loveliness: Pair with a cozy cardigan, skinny jeans, and ankle boots for that perfect fall look. Casual Comfort: Match with joggers, fuzzy socks, and a steaming mug of pumpkin spice latte. Festive Flair: Team up with a plaid skirt, tights, and a beret for a touch of autumnal elegance. Care Tips: Keeping Your Pumpkin Pristine Your embroidered "Hello, Pumpkin" tee deserves to look fresh and vibrant throughout the season. Here are some care tips: Gentle Cycle: Wash with like colors to maintain the design's vibrancy. Air Dry: Let the design bask in the gentle autumn breeze. Iron Inside Out: Protect the embroidery from direct heat. Conclusion: Time to Celebrate Autumn, One Stitch at a Time! Ready to wear the heart of autumn? The Hello, Pumpkin Embroidery Design T-shirt is your ticket to celebrating the season in style. Whether you're an embroidery enthusiast or simply someone who adores autumn, this tee promises to be the star of your fall wardrobe. So, embrace the chill, the changing leaves, and let's make every day a celebration of autumnal magic! How's that for a heartwarming dive into the world of the "Hello, Pumpkin" embroidered tee?
  7. Used: Giraffe how are you free embroidery design Hello, sunshine seekers and embroidery enthusiasts! Ready to wear a smile? Dive into the vibrant world of Cheerful Funny Animals Machine Embroidery Designs. It's where our furry friends frolic in stitches, making summer tees a canvas of joy! The Playful Parade of Embroidered Animals From the mischievous monkey swinging from threads to the giggling giraffe stretching its neck across the fabric, these designs are all about celebrating the lighter side of life. When these animated animals grace our tees, they not only add a pop of color but also a burst of happiness. Spotlight on Free Embroidery Designs for Summer Tees Imagine this: A breezy cotton tee, kissed by the summer sun, adorned with a chirpy chameleon changing colors or a bunny with oversized sunglasses. These aren't just designs; they're little pockets of joy, perfect for those who love to wear their heart (and humor) on their sleeves. Why Every Summer Wardrobe Needs a Touch of Whimsy In the golden days of summer, when the world is awash with light and laughter, our clothes should reflect the season's spirit. And what better way than with designs that are as carefree and cheerful as a day at the beach? Styling Tips for Your Whimsical Animal Tees While the embroidered animals are a delight in themselves, here's how you can elevate your summer style: Beachy Bliss: Pair with floppy hats, flip-flops, and a splash of sunscreen. Urban Jungle: Match with cool sneakers, denim shorts, and funky accessories. Picnic Perfect: Team up with gingham skirts, straw bags, and a pair of chic sunglasses. Care Tips: Keeping Your Animal Designs Vibrant Your embroidered animal tees deserve to look fresh all summer long. Here are some care tips: Cold Wash: To keep the colors popping. Shade Dry: Protect the embroidery from the harsh sun. Soft Iron: Always iron inside out to keep the designs smooth. Conclusion: Time to Roar, Chirp, and Giggle in Style! Ready to add a playful twist to your summer wardrobe? With the Cheerful Funny Animals Machine Embroidery Designs, you're all set to make a splash this season. Whether you're an animal lover, a fashionista, or simply someone who loves a good giggle, these designs promise to make your summer days even brighter. So, pick your favorite critter, wear that tee, and let's make every day a sunny adventure! "> How's that for a sunny dive into the world of whimsical animal-themed embroidery for summer tees?
  8. Used: Christmas Giraffe ho ho ho yall embroidery design Hello, festive fashionistas and embroidery elves! Ever dreamt of wearing the holiday spirit? Let's unwrap the captivating world of Christmas Clothes with Machine Embroidery Designs. It's where timeless Yuletide symbols meet modern fashion flair. The Timeless Tidings of Christmas Spotlight on Modern Christmas Embroidery Picture this: A soft sweater adorned with a shimmering snowflake, or a chic scarf featuring playful reindeer. These aren't just garments; they're wearable stories, perfect for those who love to blend tradition with contemporary style. Why Embroidered Christmas Clothes are the Season's Must-Have In today's world of fast fashion, pieces that evoke warmth, nostalgia, and personal stories truly stand out. Christmas embroidery, with its blend of eternal symbols and modern designs, offers a unique way to celebrate the season in style. Styling Ideas for Your Festive Embroidered Apparel While Christmas embroidery is a statement in itself, here's how you can elevate your holiday look: Vintage Vibes: Pair with heirloom jewelry and classic silhouettes. Modern Merriment: Match with trendy accessories and contemporary cuts. Casual Comfort: Team up with cozy leggings, fuzzy socks, and a mug of hot cocoa. Care Tips: Keeping Your Christmas Embroidery Dazzling Your embroidered Christmas apparel deserves to shine bright all season long. Here are some care tips: Gentle Wash: To maintain the design's festive colors. Lay Flat to Dry: Preserve the embroidery's intricate details. Store Safely: Keep in a cool, dry place to enjoy year after year. Conclusion: Time to Jingle in Style! Ready to sprinkle some festive flair onto your wardrobe? With modern Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs, you're all set to celebrate the season with both tradition and trend. Whether you're a Christmas enthusiast or a fashion-forward individual, these designs promise to make your holidays both merry and stylish. So, don your festive threads, spread the cheer, and let's make every outfit a holiday hit! How's that for a jolly journey into the world of Christmas-themed embroidered apparel?
  9. Used Boo nightmare embroidery design Hello, spooky style enthusiasts and embroidery aficionados! As Halloween approaches, there's a fashion trend that never goes out of style. Let's unravel the world of embroidered T-shirts for Halloween, the accessory that's both eerie and endearing, perfect for the season's festivities. The Timeless Trend of Embroidered T-shirts T-shirts, with their universal appeal and comfort, have always been a canvas for expression. When you blend this with the spookiness of Halloween and the artistry of embroidery, you get a garment that's both a statement and a staple for the holiday. Spotlight on "Boo Nightmare Embroidery Design" Imagine this: A soft cotton T-shirt, intricately stitched with the words "Boo" and imagery that evokes the playful scares of Halloween night. This isn't just any design; it's a fusion of fun and fright, making it perfect for those who want to celebrate Halloween with a touch of crafty charm. Why Embroidered T-shirts are the Ghostly Gift of Choice In an age of fleeting fashion trends, embroidered T-shirts stand out as a timeless gift. They offer durability, personal touch, and a unique blend of style and sentiment. Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a treat for oneself, these T-shirts are a Halloween hit. Styling Your Spooky T-shirt While the "Boo Nightmare" design is a statement in itself, here's how you can elevate your Halloween look: Casual Coven: Pair with jeans, boots, and a witchy hat. Layered Lurker: Wear under a flannel or cardigan for chilly nights. Ghastly Glam: Accessorize with chunky jewelry and a bold lip color. Care Tips: Keep Your T-shirt Terrifyingly Tidy Your embroidered Halloween T-shirt deserves to look fresh, even after the witching hour. Here are some care tips: Cold Wash: To maintain the design's vibrant colors. Inside Out: Protect the embroidery from wear and tear. Air Dry: Preserve the fabric and design integrity. Time to Stitch & Spook! Ready to embrace Halloween with a touch of textile terror? With the "Boo Nightmare Embroidery Design", you're all set to craft or wear a T-shirt that's as haunting as it is haute couture. Whether you're an embroidery expert or a fan of festive fashion, this trend promises a Halloween filled with style and scares. So grab your T-shirt, flaunt that design, and let's make every Halloween outfit an embroidered extravaganza! How's that for a spirited dive into the world of Halloween-themed embroidered T-shirts?
  10. Stitched with Delight, Designed for Inspiration Experience the playful allure and imaginative vibe of the Goose Bump embroidery art. Craftsmanship finds its playful muse in our latest offering, the Goose Bump embroidery design. Every loop, twist, and detail of this design emanates joy and creativity, making it a must-have for every embroidery enthusiast out there. Artistic Elegance Meets Whimsical Design Delicate, detailed, and brimming with creativity, every stitch tells a whimsical tale of artistry. There's something incredibly magical about how the whimsical concept of Goose Bump has been translated into stitches. It’s more than just an embroidery; it's a narrative, a story waiting to be weaved onto your favorite fabrics. Be it the cushion in your reading nook, the centerpiece of your cozy quilt, or that special tote bag, this design will sprinkle a dash of enchantment everywhere it goes. Perfect for Every Creative Heart From decor to clothing, this design is your key to unlocking a world of embroidered imagination. Embrace the beauty of detailed artistry, feel the thrill of creating something unique, and watch as "Goose Bump" transforms your ordinary fabric into a canvas of delightful tales. So, get ready, set your threads, and embark on an embroidery journey that promises endless joy and inspiration! With "Goose Bump", your next embroidery project is sure to be a memorable masterpiece.
  11. You Guac My World: A Embroidered T-shirt That Talks Step into a realm where humor meets fashion, where stitches communicate giggles. Our women's t-shirt embroidered with the playful You guac my world embroidery design isn't just clothing; it's an experience of laughter, comfort, and style. Wearing Whimsy: The Guac Story Every attire tells a story, and this one shouts joy. With the quirky yet heartwarming "You Guac My World" embroidered script, we're offering a unique blend of wit and fashion, ensuring you're the center of smiles wherever you go. Durable Embroidery Design, Lasting Laughter Crafted with precision, every stitch resonates with clarity and longevity. Even after numerous washes, the embroidery stands out, keeping the fun alive and fresh. Versatility at its Best While the quip is casual and funny, the t-shirt's design ensures versatility. Pair it with jeans for a coffee outing, or layer it under a jacket for that edgy evening look. This shirt isn't just about fun; it's about style flexibility. A Embroidered Gift that Giggles Searching for the perfect gift? Whether it's a birthday surprise or just a thoughtful gesture, this t-shirt guarantees a chuckle, making it a memorable gift. Few things in life bring together joy, comfort, and style as effortlessly as this tee. The embroidered pun is not merely a design; it's a reflection of a joyful spirit, a laid-back attitude, and a zest for life. As the world gets more complex, there's something immensely refreshing about a piece of clothing that brings straightforward joy. "You Guac My World" isn't just a phrase; it's a sentiment. It's the joy of sharing a bowl of guacamole on a lazy Sunday, the laughter that echoes over silly jokes, and the warmth of moments spent with loved ones. With every wear, you're not just donning a t-shirt; you're wearing a mood, an emotion, a memory. And as the vibrant green embroidery catches the eye, it's bound to inspire more than just fashion envy; it's going to spread smiles. So, why wait? Dive into a world of humor, comfort, and style. After all, who doesn't want a t-shirt that not only looks good but also makes the world laugh a little louder?
  12. Here is the very funny owl from Berez. The owl has such a fun expression, he just needs wording to make him come to life. I enjoyed thinking over what to put, so many possibilities. He sewed perfectly no problems. I have taken a few parts off the lower tree limb to have room to write but at that time I had not decided on what I would put in. He is found in the free designs You will enjoy using him for whatever you might want to say. He would make a great gift for someone special or anyone who needs a smile. Linda V
  13. A Feline Fashion Statement Unleash Your Inner Cat Lover Indulge in your love for feline companions with the Cotton Shirt featuring the Sphynx Cat Machine Embroidery Design. This unique and stylish shirt allows you to showcase your passion for cats while making a fashion statement. Crafted with care and precision, this embroidered shirt will capture the hearts of cat lovers everywhere. The Sphynx Cat Machine Embroidery Design adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to the classic cotton shirt. The intricate embroidery features the majestic Sphynx cat, known for its hairless appearance and captivating eyes. With its attention to detail and lifelike portrayal, this design brings the essence of these enigmatic creatures to life. Made from high-quality cotton fabric, this shirt is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Its relaxed fit and versatile style make it suitable for various occasions, whether it's a casual outing with friends or a day at the office. The Sphynx Cat Machine Embroidery Design adds a unique and personalized touch to the shirt, making it a standout piece in your wardrobe. To wear this fashionable and feline-inspired shirt, simply pair it with your favorite jeans or a skirt for a chic and effortless look. The Sphynx cat embroidery design will spark conversations and draw admiring glances from fellow cat lovers who appreciate your stylish choice. Express your love for cats in a fashionable and creative way with the Cotton Shirt featuring the Sphynx Cat Machine Embroidery Design. It's a purr-fect addition to your wardrobe that combines comfort, style, and your passion for feline companions.
  14. All people know that goldfish can fulfill desires. Perhaps, embroidered on clothes gold fish will not only delight you with its beauty, but also will be able fulfill your heart’s desire. If you're looking for a way to add some fun and personality to your wardrobe, consider a women's blouse featuring a Gold fish free embroidery design 2. This playful and vibrant design is sure to turn heads and make a statement. The goldfish design features intricate stitching and vibrant colors, bringing the playful and vibrant nature of goldfish to life. It's a great way to add a pop of color and personality to any outfit. To create your own women's blouse featuring the goldfish free machine embroidery design, simply download the design file and load it onto your embroidery machine. Then, choose your blouse and thread colors, and start stitching. This design is perfect for a variety of blouse styles, from button-downs to tank tops to tunics. And with the free machine embroidery design, it's a budget-friendly way to add a unique touch to your wardrobe. So why not make a splash with a women's blouse featuring a goldfish free machine embroidery design? It's a fun and creative way to showcase your love of embroidery and add some personality to your wardrobe.
  15. Hey cat lovers, have you seen the latest Shirt with Cat with a contrabass free embroidery design? It's the purr-fect addition to any cat lover's wardrobe, and it's sure to turn heads wherever you go. First of all, let's talk about the design. The Cat with a Contrabass design is a fun, whimsical stitching that features a cat playing a contrabass. The stitching is intricate and detailed, capturing every aspect of the cat's expression and the instrument it's playing. It's a design that's both cute and cool, and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Now, let's talk about the shirt. The shirt is a high-quality garment that's comfortable, durable, and easy to care for. You can choose your own color and style to make the shirt truly your own, or go with the suggested pattern for a stylish finished product. The best part? The embroidery designs library is completely free! You can download it and take it to your local embroidery shop, or create the shirt yourself if you have the skills. It's a great way to add a touch of personality to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. But here's the thing – this shirt is more than just a cute piece of clothing. It's a conversation starter. It's a way to show off your love for cats and your unique sense of style. And who knows, maybe you'll even meet some other cat lovers while you're wearing it! So if you're looking for a new shirt that's both stylish and fun, look no further than the Shirt with Cat with a Contrabass free embroidery design. It's the ultimate combination of cute, cool, and quirky, and is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. Go ahead, embrace your inner cat lady (or cat gentleman) and show off your feline flair!

    © JBLON

  16. This is bright and pretty t-shirt from pleasant cotton. Its design is suitable for both men and women. It is based on Nostalgic cat free machine embroidery design. This portrait of sad cat with big eyes can make everybody smiling. You also can’t avoid smile while looking this funny picture, can you? If you like it you also can take this sample for your own work piece. Author: JBLON

    © JBLON

  17. This is nice simple t-shirt which is executed from light knitted cotton. It is suitable for each look: you may wear it with jeans or long skirt with geometric ornament. Good Sun free machine embroidery design makes this work piece original and unique. It gives special character for you look being truly highlight of clothing set you chose for today. Digitizer: JBLON
  18. This is wonderful embroidered blouse for girl. It is made of pleasant cotton fabric that is so comfortable for summer. Furthermore it has short sleeves that will definitely make this clothing one of most favorite for this girl. Finally it is very elegant and stylish thing with elegant and well elaborated design. It is based on Love tree free embroidery design.
  19. Available here Teddy Bear Happy Christmas applique machine embroidery design
  20. It is recommended to embroider using tearaway stabilizers with a density of at least 80 grams per m2. This will prevent problems with tissue deformation. Also pay attention to setting the fabric in the hoop. If necessary, use a screwdriver. The product must be securely fastened.
  21. This is pretty cotton t-shirt suitable both for boy and girl. It is made of pleasant material and has short sleeves. So it will be very comfortable for hot summer weather. It is decorated with Kitten and spider free embroidery design. Author chose big size of this embroidery sample to make it cover all surface of t-shirt front side.
  22. This picture is fragment of convenient t-shirt made of knitted cotton. It is decorated with very interesting and romantic embroidery sample. It is Tree of our love embroidery design. It is quite simple picture that requires only two color of thread. You may change them as you want to make it suitable for your own work piece as author did.

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

  23. Just look at this cool set! Each girl will be in center of her friends’ attention wearing it. Author took usual sport clothing bought in ordinary shop and transformed it into bright and unique things! Each item is decorated with Two hearts free embroidery design. For jacket it used twice. The only difference between them is color of curves creating silhouette of hearts.
  24. This beautiful clothing will be liked by any girl. It has convenient fashion, bright color scheme and nice detail that makes it unique and memorable. It is Two hearts free embroidery design. This is complex geometric composition made by several lines of different colors. Together they create well recognizable silhouette of two hearts. This picture is added by few small hearts.
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