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  1. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Large beautiful design will decorate the sofa cushion or tablecloth for the holidays. Difficult embroidery from the real master. Size 1: 4.68 x 7.04' Size 2: 5.2 x 7.84' Size 2: 5.98 x 9.02' Size 4: 7.86 x 11.87'
  2. Santa Claus: Bringing Trendy Christmas Cheer to Your Wardrobe! As the festive bells start ringing, nothing captures the holiday spirit quite like Smiling Sanra Claus free embroidery design. An ode to jolly old St. Nick, this design seamlessly combines classic Christmas nostalgia with the season's hottest trends. : Fashion Meets Festivity Why blend in when you can stand out? This festive season, turn heads and make hearts merry with a Christmas clothing item adorned with trendy Christmas free embroidery designs. Whether it's a cozy sweater, a chic dress, or even a trendy scarf, Santa's joyful visage ensures you're the life of every holiday gathering. Impeccable Detailing, Unmatched Charm What sets our Santa Claus design apart is its intricate detailing. Every wrinkle in Santa's cheerful face, the twinkle in his eyes, and the fluff of his beard - all are rendered with precision, making it a true masterpiece. It’s not just embroidery; it’s a festive story told through threads. Riding High on Season's Trends Christmas fashion scene is all about personal expression and a touch of vintage charm. And what's more iconic and timeless than Santa Claus? This design, while rooted in tradition, resonates with modern fashion sensibilities, making it a must-have for every fashion-forward individual this holiday season. Embrace the joy, nostalgia, and trendiness of the holiday season with the Santa Claus Machine Embroidery Design. Because, after all, it's the most stylish time of the year!
  3. Used: Christmas Giraffe ho ho ho yall embroidery design Hello, festive fashionistas and embroidery elves! Ever dreamt of wearing the holiday spirit? Let's unwrap the captivating world of Christmas Clothes with Machine Embroidery Designs. It's where timeless Yuletide symbols meet modern fashion flair. The Timeless Tidings of Christmas Spotlight on Modern Christmas Embroidery Picture this: A soft sweater adorned with a shimmering snowflake, or a chic scarf featuring playful reindeer. These aren't just garments; they're wearable stories, perfect for those who love to blend tradition with contemporary style. Why Embroidered Christmas Clothes are the Season's Must-Have In today's world of fast fashion, pieces that evoke warmth, nostalgia, and personal stories truly stand out. Christmas embroidery, with its blend of eternal symbols and modern designs, offers a unique way to celebrate the season in style. Styling Ideas for Your Festive Embroidered Apparel While Christmas embroidery is a statement in itself, here's how you can elevate your holiday look: Vintage Vibes: Pair with heirloom jewelry and classic silhouettes. Modern Merriment: Match with trendy accessories and contemporary cuts. Casual Comfort: Team up with cozy leggings, fuzzy socks, and a mug of hot cocoa. Care Tips: Keeping Your Christmas Embroidery Dazzling Your embroidered Christmas apparel deserves to shine bright all season long. Here are some care tips: Gentle Wash: To maintain the design's festive colors. Lay Flat to Dry: Preserve the embroidery's intricate details. Store Safely: Keep in a cool, dry place to enjoy year after year. Conclusion: Time to Jingle in Style! Ready to sprinkle some festive flair onto your wardrobe? With modern Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs, you're all set to celebrate the season with both tradition and trend. Whether you're a Christmas enthusiast or a fashion-forward individual, these designs promise to make your holidays both merry and stylish. So, don your festive threads, spread the cheer, and let's make every outfit a holiday hit! How's that for a jolly journey into the world of Christmas-themed embroidered apparel?
  4. Version : dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    If you decide to make an unusual decoration of the Christmas table, this project is for you. Santa's face can be the basis for creating original napkins. Your fantasy can work wonders with this creative project. Any shapes, fabrics and thread colors. Your guests will be delighted. Size: 4.26 x 4.28'
  5. The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and heartfelt gestures. What better way to embrace the spirit of Christmas and New Year than by gifting your relatives and friends with a hoodie adorned with charming embroidery designs? Embroidery adds a touch of elegance and personalization to clothing, creating a festive mood that will warm the hearts of your loved ones. Let's explore the wonderful world of Christmas and New Year embroidery, where stitched tales come to life! Creating a Festive Mood with Embroidered Clothes A Winter Wardrobe Staple As the winter chill sets in, we all yearn for cozy and stylish clothing options. Embroidered clothes, particularly hoodies, are the perfect choice for embracing the winter holiday season with flair. The combination of soft, comfortable fabric and intricate Christmas post embroidery design brings together the best of both worlds. Not only will you stay warm and snug, but you'll also be the embodiment of festive fashion. Unique and Personalized Gifts Finding the ideal gift for your loved ones during the holiday season can be a delightful challenge. However, with embroidered hoodies, you can give a present that is both stylish and deeply personal. Choose embroidery designs that resonate with the recipient's interests, hobbies, or favorite holiday memories. From cute snowflakes and jolly Santa Claus to intricate winter landscapes and heartwarming quotes, there are endless possibilities to capture their unique spirit. Spreading Joy and Warmth When you gift someone a hoodie adorned with Christmas and New Year embroidery, you're not only presenting them with a garment but also sharing a piece of your heart. The colorful threads and meticulous stitching carry your love, care, and wishes for a joyful holiday season. As they wear the hoodie, they'll be reminded of the special bond you share and the joyous memories created during this time of year. Embroidered Characters and Stories Santa Claus and His Merry Helpers Santa Claus, with his jolly laughter and sack full of gifts, is an iconic symbol of the holiday season. Embroidering his cheerful face or his trusty reindeer onto a hoodie adds a whimsical touch that's sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. Imagine walking into a room wearing a hoodie adorned with Santa and his merry helpers—it's an instant mood lifter and a conversation starter, spreading joy wherever you go. Snowflakes: Nature's Delicate Masterpieces No two snowflakes are alike, and that's what makes them enchanting. Embroidering delicate snowflakes onto a hoodie captures the magic of winter and the beauty of nature's artistry. The intricate details of each embroidered snowflake evoke a sense of wonder and awe, reminding us of the uniqueness and individuality that makes this time of year so special. Heartwarming Quotes and Messages Words have the power to touch our hearts and inspire us. Including heartwarming quotes or messages in your embroidered designs adds an extra layer of emotion and meaning to the hoodie. Whether it's a simple "Merry Christmas" or a heartfelt quote about love and gratitude, these embroidered words become wearable affirmations of the holiday spirit. It's a wonderful way to spread positivity and uplift those around you. Winter Landscapes: Capturing the Serenity The winter season brings a sense of tranquility as snow blankets the world in a peaceful hush. Embroidering serene winter landscapes onto a hoodie allows you to carry that tranquility with you wherever you go. Picture a hoodie adorned with embroidered trees, softly falling snow, and a serene moonlit sky—it's like wearing a piece of art that captures the essence of the season. Conclusion Embrace the magic of the holiday season with hoodies featuring Christmas and New Year embroidery designs. These wearable masterpieces not only keep you cozy but also become a canvas for stories, characters, and heartfelt messages. Whether you're gifting them to loved ones or wearing them yourself, embroidered hoodies spread festive cheer and create lasting memories. So, wrap yourself in the warmth of embroidered tales and let the magic of the holiday season come alive in every stitch.
  6. This is nice holiday composition which definitely deserves to be Christmas post card. It includes pretty little cushion with figure of Santa Claus, nice metal candlestick which reminds lace and convenient leather case for tablet PC or other thing. It is decorated with Red Christmas gift box free embroidery design. It is quite easy picture which is making with just one color of thread.
  7. Version formats: dst. exp,.hus,


    You have decided to decorate your window or door with a light embroidered design. This design is just perfect. Beautiful Santa Claus made in FSL technique. We recommend it to experienced machine embroidery lovers. Be sure to read the articles on this technology. Thread colors can be used different. Size: 7.87 x 11.03'
  8. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Little Santa Claus as decorations for this young member of your family. The classic design made in the style of cross-stitch can be decorated with a bib or baby outfit . Cute plot will appeal to all. A set of embroidered towels will be a great gift to your neighbors or friends.. They will be surprised when they find out that you made it on an embroidery machine. Size: 3.78 x 6.26" Author: Tomin
  9. Beautiful pouch made of coarse homespun fabric with Express North pole embroidery design. Elegant Christmas decor in vintage style. You can fill it with sweets or cones, making a beautiful addition to the winter interior of the house. Embroidery in just one color eliminates the use of dense stabilizers. Author: Johanna Hasselbrink
  10. Christmas merry holiday. And you need to decorate the house with bright things. An embroidery machine will be of great help to you. The teddy bear is always a popular machine embroidery design. It can be used for decorating gifts for kids. Available here Teddy bear on Christmas ball embroidery design
  11. This picture visually shows that author Michela Timperi well prepared for Christmas and New Year holiday. Of course main gifts for her friends and relatives are big embroidered figures of funny dwarves. But there are pretty additions. They are textile holders for napkins than are able to give special holiday mood for your meal. They are based on Santa Claus free embroidery design.
  12. You can make an orianal gift to the school bus driver. He takes your children for a whole year. Add embroidery to the shirt and delight and surprise him with your creativity. Santas Favorite bus driver free embroidery design
  13. You can make an orianal gift to the school bus driver. He takes your children for a whole year. Add embroidery to the shirt and delight and surprise him with your creativity. Santas Favorite bus driver free embroidery design
  14. Version CDR format


    The vector data has been used for several years for cutting paper, cutting foam shapes, as well as decor for decorating boxes and other New Year's products. Format for Corel Draw software. Author: Pyotr Lukyanchikov
  15. Version Any popular formats


    Size 1: 3.95 x 4.94' Size 2: 4.74 x 5.92' Size 3: 6.31 x 7.89' Size 4: 7.88 x 9.86' Author: Nina Dmitrieva
  16. View File Santa rabbit free embroidery design Size 1: 3.95 x 4.94' Size 2: 4.74 x 5.92' Size 3: 6.31 x 7.89' Size 4: 7.88 x 9.86' Author: Nina Dmitrieva Submitter diver361 Submitted 09/27/2022 Category Christmas  
  17. Version EPS, DWG, SVG, AI, DXF, CDR


    Santa travels sleigh cut file Santa travels sleigh fit perfectly into your interior and will always be a great gift for family and friends. This design 3D layers of the Santa travels sleigh you can cut from materials such as paper, plywood, plexiglass and more. After downloading the 3D layers of the Santa travels sleigh you will receive the following files: EPS, DWG, SVG, AI, DXF, CDR The file has the following dimensions: Height 12 inches Width 12 inches Author: Diana Gladysh Source Cutting Data Files
  18. This is beautiful composition on winter theme which is beautiful enough to be postcard. It is made from two textile figures made with embroidery standing on mat with thematic picture. You also can create such souvenir using Santa Claus cross stitch free embroidery design and Snow Maiden cross stitch free embroidery design. This sample has to be applied on cone from dense fabric. You may use it yourself or give to your friend as Christmas gift.
  19. Version formats: dst. exp,.hus,


    A unique project for those who like to sew on a wave and do unusual things with their hands. Classic cross-stitch and unusual shape work wonders. This fantastic embroidered bell can be decorated with the rock decoration of a Christmas tree or as a gift. It is hardly possible to find a second similar free design for home decoration for the winter holiday. Size: 5.39 x 7.05'
  20. Version any popular formats


    size: 3.59 x 3.36'
  21. View File Santa Claus and baby free embroidery design size: 3.59 x 3.36' Submitter Berez Submitted 08/07/2021 Category Christmas  
  22. Santa Claus is definitely most important character for Christmas holiday. That’s why it is really good idea to choose him a hero for decorate Christmas gift. Author of this funny work piece used Santa near chimney 2 embroidery design to create pretty present for his granddad. This is portrait of funny Santa with huge gift bag behind his back. This sample is added by thematic inscription.
  23. This is beautiful one color embroidery that is able to create wonderful Christmas mood for everybody. It is made in special technique reminding lace or even frozen ornament on window at old winter. It is Santa Claus free embroidery design. This photo is only one option of many possible color solutions. You can change what you like more for your work piece. Author: Maureen Nysschen Fresco‎
  24. This picture shows the set of original souvenirs which can give the special charm for your New Year or Christmas party. There are six similar fabric circles which are decorated with the face of Santa Claus. But is just the part of the final look: its important detail is the bright red napkin. It creates the costume and cap for Santa. So the color scheme of this serving items is based on traditional Christmas colors — red, golden and white.
  25. Version formats: dst. exp,.hus,


    Everybody loves Christmas. This is a great gift to give gifts to close friends and loved by your family members. This cute bunny in a Santa Claus hat embroidered on a pillow or napkin will be a wonderful decoration of the Christmas table or living room. Great combination of old-fashioned traditions of needlework and new technologies. Embroidery allows you to make any home furnishing items much faster and with better quality. Size: 4.61 x 4.46'
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