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Found 19 results

  1. When machine embroidery digitizing or just doing text it very important that you understand trims and locks many times they go hand in hand as often if your applying a trim to a design, you should be applying a lock stitch. Depending on the type of garment the use and your personal preference you can choose to put locks around trim stitches. Definition Trims A trims is when the machine cuts the thread before moving to another part of the design, this also can be done manually on older embroidery machines,. Locks A lock or lock stitch is a tie off after a trim, this locks the stitches down so they are less likely to unravel. Trims When you start to embroider or digitize you may not have any personal preferences when it comes to trimming or applying lock stitches. Trims often appear like little scissor like icons when you have your commands turned on. Locks Most times you will use locks around trims as it can help prevent the stitches unraveling when the material gets pulled on. There are several types of rules for locks, and several different types of lock stitches. There are several rules that you can choose to apply I like to use Basic lock stitches for most of my designs. I like to use locks on all stitch types although especially when trimming. I only like to trim when its necessary or when I cannot avoid it. Depending on the applications and or material it vital for locks to be applied to trims, specially on performance wear, dance wear, field where or construction field any application where the garment is exposed to rubbing, abrasive conditions. Applying Trims and Locks When your punching a machine embroidery design , you can either setup recipes, for your personal preferences or you can add them as you punch. As often you will need to do as you punch a design as you can control where and how to apply the rules. Give example on a design I do not like trimming, however on text unless their touching I always trim. However I always use locks no matter the stitch especially when working with text, except for script lettering I will not trim in them but I will add lock stitches. When you have a segment in version 14 you can either add trims and locks at the top of the screen. Advanced Options In version 14 there is also a feature to place the lock stitch on the inside of the letter it past version the locks sometimes would stick out from side of the letter, to use this feature in the latest build of version 14 in the properties section where your trims are, see below; This section is new if you check it it will place the trim starting inside the letter. This is a great feature for lettering.
  2. This photo perfectly conveys process of work of master who creates original and cool embroidered souvenirs from natural leather. We can see some ready things and some pieces of leather with embroidery samples on them. It is clear that author likes beautiful pictures based on natural motives but with some piece of humor. For example they are Owl dreamcatcher embroidery design and others.
  3. On this picture you can see process of work on Windy morning embroidery design. Embroidery sample is almost ready but still is in sewing machine. It is beautiful one color design which is easy enough even for beginners in embroidery. If you like it you also may use it for your own work piece. Choose any color scheme you want.
  4. On this picture you see working table of businessman with important things needed every day. They are key of car, mobile phone, wallet and durable mat for hot cup made of thick natural leather. It is decorated with suitable embroidery sample. It is Always Hot Coffee free embroidery design. It is original sample made with only one color of thread. Author: Leather idea
  5. This picture shows the process of work on the special Christmas embroidered picture. It is made on the base of Snowmen meet the New year embroidery design. But the author a bit changed the color scheme of the original picture. This picture used just three main colors — they are white, red and golden. This combination looks very festive and thoughtful creating the good Christmas mood for all people around.
  6. This picture is one final stages of work on pretty embroidered accessory for kitchen. It will be serving napkin decorated with cute sample. Author chose Bottles and flowers embroidery design. This image reminds sketches of French painters on streets of Montmartre. It is beautiful still-life which is so suitable for holiday meal or good friends’ party.
  7. This photo shows process of work on pretty kitchen napkin. It will be decorated by pretty embroidery sample seems to be made by famous painter. It is executed in original sketch manner like it is made by thin pencil. When it will be finished you will see beautiful Bottles and flowers embroidery design. Nice choice for decoration of kitchen accessories.
  8. This light and bright picture let us examine figure of favorite cartoon character in all smallest details. It is based on Teddy bear on Christmas ball embroidery design. It shows little Teddy which is ready to meet Christmas. It is standing on Christmas toy in traditional holiday cap and in some minutes it will start to decorate Christmas tree with its friends. Adorable hand made gift for your family and friends.
  9. This picture is fragment of work piece which is now in work preparing for Christmas holiday. There is Teddy bear on Christmas ball embroidery design added by many fluffy snowflakes which creates true atmosphere of merry winter festival. Original manner of picture let us carefully examine many little details of sample such as direction of stitches and shades of threads used for it.
  10. On this picture we see almost ready Christmas gift made by author on base of Teddy bear on Christmas ball embroidery design. This picture shows figure of beloved cartoon hero on beautiful Christmas toy. It is ready to start to decorate Christmas tree. Embroidery sample is added by warm wishes and many fluffy snowflakes around little merry bear in traditional cap.
  11. This picture shows how author works on Teddy bear on Christmas ball embroidery design. This sample is able to be nice picture for decorating handmade Christmas gift. Figure of pretty little bear is just part of whole image. It will be added by beautiful holiday Christmas ball for fluffy green tree. For more festive atmosphere author embroidered fluffy snowflakes everywhere around Teddy.
  12. On this picture you may see intermediate stage of work on embroidered gift for Christmas. This work piece will be decorated with Teddy bear on Christmas ball embroidery design. Now figure of main character is ready: it is Teddy bear which wears traditional holiday cap of bright color. Background of this sample is decorated with beautiful snowflakes surrounding Teddy everywhere.
  13. Hi Igor, Thought you might like to see this photo. I made this quilt for my grandson about three years ago using your cars embroidery designs. Cheers
  14. This picture shows the middle of the process of work under creating of Young Indian woman embroidery design. It perfectly reflects the order of stages of this job. The general contours and main shades on this girl’s face are already done. But the author still needs to make the small but very important details which complete the whole image. They are feathers in her hair, tape on the forehead and some others.
  15. There is one of the most responsible stages of work under Young Indian woman embroidery design. The general contour of the embroidery sample is already done and now author is making the very important details which define the style of the whole image. They are the feathers in girl’s hair and the tape on her forehead which shows that she is not just the pretty young woman but the Indian.
  16. This picture showing the middle of the work of interesting embroidery sample is the very expressive evidence of the importance of different techniques in embroidery. The surfaces and lines which is making with the smooth stitches are already done. Now the author starts the work over details which is making with convex seam which plays the role of the contour. Due to it Young Indian woman embroidery design acquires the completed look.
  17. The process of work for creating Young Indian woman embroidery design generally consists of two stages. The given photo shows this order perfectly. Firstly the author executed all surfaces which have to be made with smooth stitches. The following stage is to complete the embroidering picture by convex seams which play the role of contour for some elements. When this work will be finished the whole picture is ready to please the author by its beauty and the feeling of freedom.
  18. This image shows the last stage of author’s work on this nice embroidery sample. There are two figures of funny owls executed in cartoon manner. The scheme was realized in accordance with Grouchy owls embroidery design. The picture is already done so the author just needs to remove the hoop and iron the finished work piece. It will be the perfect sample for decoration of textile accessory for the home.
  19. Grouchy owls embroidery design is very funny and unusual sample. At the same time it requires definite skills for executing. On this image you may see the ending of the process of work on this embroidered picture. The figures of owls are almost ready. But the work piece is still under the sewing machine and the threads are not cut yet. Each owl is made with special technique with different ornaments on their bodies.
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