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  1. Stand Out with a Unique and Powerful Design The In-the-Hoop Majestic Tribal tiger embroidery design is an excellent choice for those looking to make a bold statement with their embroidery projects. This striking design features a fierce tiger adorned with intricate tribal details, capturing a sense of power and strength. The captivating visuals and dynamic style of this design will undoubtedly make your embroidery creations stand out from the crowd. In-the-Hoop Technique for Effortless Embroidery In-the-hoop embroidery designs are perfect for those seeking an efficient and effective way to create stunning projects. With this In-the-Hoop Tribal Tiger Embroidery Design, you'll benefit from the ease and convenience of completing your project within the embroidery hoop. This method simplifies the embroidery process, allowing you to focus on the creative aspect and achieve professional results with minimal effort. Versatile Design for Various Projects The In-the-Hoop Tribal Tiger Embroidery Design is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. From clothing and accessories to home décor items, this powerful design can be used to add a unique and eye-catching touch to your creations. Consider using this design on jackets, bags, or even wall hangings to bring a fierce and dynamic element to your embroidered pieces. High-Quality Design for Impressive Results Our In-the-Hoop Tribal Tiger Embroidery Design is expertly crafted to ensure the highest quality results for your embroidery projects. The intricate tribal details and bold tiger design create a stunning visual impact that is sure to impress and captivate. With this design, you can be confident that your finished embroidery project will stand out and make a powerful statement. Customizable Design for a Personal Touch One of the advantages of using the In-the-Hoop Tribal Tiger Embroidery Design is its customizability. You can easily adapt the design to match your preferred color palette or add your personal touch to create a truly unique piece. Experiment with different thread colors or add embellishments to enhance the design's overall appearance and make it truly your own. Unleash Your Creativity with the In-the-Hoop Tribal Tiger Embroidery Design The In-the-Hoop Tribal Tiger Embroidery Design provides a fantastic opportunity to express your creativity and make a powerful statement with your embroidery projects. With its striking visuals, dynamic style, and the convenience of the in-the-hoop technique, this captivating design is sure to elevate your embroidered creations to new heights. Don't miss out on the chance to add this unique and fierce design to your embroidery collection. In conclusion, the In-the-Hoop Tribal Tiger Embroidery Design is an excellent choice for those looking to create striking and powerful embroidery projects. With its captivating visuals, versatile application, and the convenience of the in-the-hoop technique, this design is sure to become a favorite in your embroidery collection. Unleash your creativity and make a bold statement with the In-the-Hoop Tribal Tiger Embroidery Design today.
  2. Who can love frogs, you ask. Of course are children! After all, children are able to see the the unusual in the usual, funny in boring things, and interesting in daily. Therefore embroidery "Funny frog" is sure to delight your child. Find this design Funny frog free embroidery design 10 Funny frog free embroidery design 7 Funny frog free embroidery design 4
  3. Are you a newbie in the exciting world of machine embroidery? Don't worry, we've got your back! Learning the ropes can be a little intimidating, but with a little bit of guidance and some practice, you'll be stitching like a pro in no time. Here are six tips that will help you master this craft and create stunning designs. American military boot embroidery design Invest in High-Quality Supplies Before you start embroidering, make sure you have the right tools. The essential supplies you need are thread, bobbins, backing (also called stabilizer), needles, and good quality scissors. Invest in high-quality supplies designed for machine embroidery that are compatible with your machine. It's crucial to purchase from a reputable source, like Embroideres studio library. Read Your Machine Manual Your machine manual is your ultimate guide to understanding how your embroidery machine works. It provides valuable information on how to thread your machine, change needles or bobbins, use stabilizers, and access different types of stitches and embroidery patterns. By familiarizing yourself with your machine's features and functions, you'll be able to create designs with ease and confidence. Christmas modern ball embroidery design Learn How to Hoop Correctly Hooping is the process of securing the fabric in the embroidery hoop to ensure that it stays in place while you stitch. Learning how to hoop correctly is essential to producing high-quality embroidery. Make sure you choose the right size hoop for the job, and use a stabilizer that's large enough to fit your hoop. Remember, you want your fabric to be taut, but not stretched, to prevent distortion and puckering. Don't Digitize - Buy Quality Designs Digitizing is a complex process that requires specialized skills and software. Instead of trying to digitize designs yourself, focus on mastering the operation of your machine. There are plenty of websites that sell high-quality digitized designs that you can use. Make sure to purchase from reputable sites, and avoid designs that violate copyright and trademark laws. Practice Makes Perfect The more you practice, the better you'll get at embroidery. Start with simple projects and work your way up to more complex designs. Experiment with different fabrics, backings, and threads to see what works best for you. Don't be afraid to make mistakes - it's all part of the learning process. The key is to keep practicing and learning from your mistakes. Dandelion embroidery design 3 Join an Embroidery Group Joining an embroidery group or forum is an excellent way to connect with other embroiderers and learn new tips and tricks. You can share your work, ask for advice, and get inspiration from other members. Facebook groups are an excellent place to start, but there are also many other online communities you can join. In conclusion, mastering the art of machine embroidery takes time and practice. By following these six essential tips, you'll be on your way to creating beautiful designs that will impress everyone. Remember to invest in high-quality supplies, read your machine manual, hoop correctly, buy quality designs, practice, and join an embroidery group. Good luck and happy stitching!
  4. Are you looking to add some fun and creativity to your embroidery designs? Look no further than applique machine embroidery! Not only are these designs fun to create, but they also look and feel great. If you're new to the world of applique, don't worry - it's easier than it seems. In this beginner's guide, we'll show you how to create beautiful and fun designs using applique from our embroidery library . Funny dog applique free embroidery design What is Applique Embroidery design? In its simplest form, applique embroidery is a technique where smaller pieces of fabric are attached and sewn within the design. This creates a unique and textured look that's perfect for adding personality to any project. Why Choose Applique Embroidery? One of the main reasons why applique embroidery is so popular is its versatility. With this technique, you can choose from a variety of fabric types and patterns to create a design that's uniquely yours. Additionally, applique embroidery is a great way to reduce the total stitch count in a design. By replacing larger fill areas with a simple sheet of fabric, you'll have less run time on your machine without sacrificing the overall look of the design. How to Create Applique Embroidery Designs Now that you know the basics, it's time to get started! Here's a step-by-step guide to creating your first applique embroidery design: Rooster kitchen potholder free embroidery design Choose your fabric. Select the fabric you want to use for the applique design. Make sure it's a good quality fabric that will hold up well through the embroidery process. Hoop your fabric. Once you have your fabric selected, it's time to hoop it up. Make sure the fabric is stretched taut and secured tightly in the hoop. Digitize your design. Using embroidery software, create your design and digitize it for the applique technique. Keep in mind that you'll need to create a separate file for the fabric piece that will be appliqued. Stitch the placement line. The first step in the embroidery process is to stitch the placement line for the fabric piece. This line will help you properly align the fabric in the design. Place your fabric. Once the placement line is stitched, it's time to place your fabric. Simply lay the fabric piece over the placement line and secure it in place. Stitch the tack-down stitch. The next step is to stitch the tack-down stitch, which will secure the fabric in place. Trim the excess fabric. After the tack-down stitch is complete, trim the excess fabric from around the edges of the design. Stitch the finishing stitch. Finally, stitch the finishing stitch to complete your applique embroidery design. In conclusion, if you're looking to add some creativity and fun to your embroidery designs, applique machine embroidery is a great option. With a little bit of practice and patience, anyone can create beautiful and unique designs using this technique. So why not give it a try? We guarantee you won't be disappointed!
  5. Beautiful romantic design for sofa cushion or T-shirt. Very light, it allows you to use it on any type of fabric. Embroider gifts for friends using free proety. This allows you to save money. We will regularly supplement our library with new designs. Panther in the night free machine embroidery design

    © JBLON

  6. Version Any popular formats


    Size: 3.95 x 3.94' Author: Maxim Temerov
  7. In the process of embroidering a Christmas present. Gnome embroidery designs are one of the most popular motifs for home decoration for the winter holiday. Available here Dwarf embroidery design 2
  8. There is a beautiful and large embroidery in the hoop. Large designs have many advantages. They decorate any clothing or interior item, and fully demonstrate the possibilities of machine embroidery. You can use a large number of effects and pay attention to even small design elements.
  9. Author : Milena Nikolovski Author comment: "Just now finished stitching the Deco 2 design. So this is HOT of off the machine Changed thread colour a bit but happy with the look . Stitched out beautifully Thank you"
  10. Igor thank you once again for a lovely design.It stitched out really well on car vinyl which I was worried about because I could not hoop it. I put double sided tape on the back and stuck it in the hoop to the stabilizer. Worked a treat. Brodie is very happy with his pencil case He will be the only one in his class to have a special one. Available here Running farmer embroidery design

    © Starting Over

  11. Many people like to get bouquets made of bright wild flowers. But if this bouquet is presented by little cute Teddy Bear it is even more pleasant! You can make sure in it using this Teddy's bouquet embroidery design as the picture for decoration of any thing you plan to give as the gift to your friend or relative. It’s not just the picture — it’s the real symbol of sincerity and best wishes.
  12. Find the best design for decorating children's things and gifts. Bouquet for you 2 embroidery design
  13. Version 1


    Big hoop 360 x 125. Hooper tree times: left side , right side and center.
  14. Can someone please help me. I am using a newly digitized embroidery design, and it has sewed out perfectly for me about the first 5 times. All of a sudden there are problems with it. Have tried different hoops, backing, changed thread, bobbin thread, needle, everything.Then it sews again good 1 or 2 times, and back to the same old stuff. Am using the same exact shirts to sew this design on. Has anyone had this problem before?& Would appreciate any help. I have a Tajima TEHX-C1501.
  15. Sometimes simple picture are able to raise our mood and remember about the days when we were happy. Field daisies photo stitch embroidery design is definitely one of them. It is just a picture of many chamomiles at the summer fields made in realistic manner. But when you look at it you feel the breath of warm wind, hot rays of sun and feeling of freedom. Right now in hoop
  16. Is it possible for you to see the Park; I have enjoyed this but there is an open spot; I am still going to frame it but wondered - is it me and I have missed a colour or is it in the design The space is on the left between the first and secong tree
  17. It is the famous believe that each people have his or her own angel who protects him from any troubles and save in dangerous situation during the entire life. You may bring to your child, relative or friend this small talisman — the picture of little angel girl at the hand of somebody huge and kind. Angel in the palm machine embroidery design on bag or clothes will help them to avoid any hardships.
  18. I have an embroidery Tajima machine TFMX - IIC1506. Everything works normally until this morning when I turn the machine on. It does not have the option for a Tubular or Cap frame. Only Border and F.Holder are the only two options on the machine. Any input would be appreciate
  19. An embroidery in a wooden hoop will become a beautiful element of decor in a bedroom room. Stylish project with photo embroidery. Transmitted all the smallest shades of a complex image. When using embroidery photos, be sure to consider the density. All designs made by this technology are very dense. The average density is 40-60% higher than the standard machine embroidery design. Therefore, choose the same dense fabric and a good stabilizer - at least 80 - 100 grams per m2. Used.

    © Crafts Outrageous

  20. This picture shows middle stage of work on original clothing. It will be man’s t-shirt decorated with tribal symbol of Native Americans. Author chose bright color of thread for this work piece. Together with practical dark background they create wonderful contrast solution. Author’s comment: “In process. My new embroidered shirt“. Sample used for its decoration is Dreamcatcher embroidery design.

    © Denisov Embroidery Stufio

  21. Even if you do not like magic, you will appreciate the embroidery with wonderful fairies. It is amazing creations. There are many different samples with them in our amazing collection. For example this is pretty little girl with transparent wings behind her back. They are friends with small frog near her feet. Buy this design here: Young fairy with frog embroidery design
  22. Fairies are touching and charming creatures. Embroidered Fairy will bring a little bit of magic into your home. For example this sample is filled with charm in spite of it is still on hoop. There is portrait of little girl talking to frog. She has funny striped stockings and transparent wings behind her back. Buy this design here: Mushroom fairy embroidery design
  23. This is pretty embroidered set of serving napkins with a charming fairy. They can give special atmosphere for holiday meal of your children and their guests, for example at birthday party. You can use this embroidery sample to decorate almost any things from handkerchiefs to bed linen. This design will look adorable on everything. You can buy it here: Baby love fairy embroidery design
  24. Just look at this wonderful work piece! It is so pretty thing that you need more time to enjoy it. It reminds elegant lace and bas relief at same time. You also may create this beauty using Napkin's lace free embroidery design. Fortunately it is not very difficult because you need only one color of thread to make it. "The free lace napkin design stitched out beautifully!" Author: Cheryl Moore‎
  25. On this picture there is Lady with dog free embroidery design perfectly made by Audrey Dennill Venter‎. This picture is made in calm color scheme: dark hair of lady is one bright detail on it. Due to this solution and style of woman’s dress she looks like Greek goddess from ancient legend. It is difficult to believe that it is not fresco but just embroidery.
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