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Why I get this error in MBX?

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I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, and also tried to repair but still i get this message when  open Digitizer MBX program. 




ExceptionAdress: 76ABC41F 

NumberParameters: 3 

Startup Address: 0055FE50 

Offset of Exception: 7655c5CF

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MBX actually runs in tandem with Corel, if you uninstall MBX you will have to uninstall ALL the Corel, including the shortcuts, delete Janome Digitiser MBX as well as Corel folders, also do disk clean, and turn off your PC completely. Then After five minutes reboot your computer and then re install the program. 

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When you uninstall MBX you break the scripting link between Corel and MBX, if you get a problem, use the Revert command and Delete Recovery files, if that doesn't work use the repair function, reinstall the dongle driver, you'll find the link in Software updates, and if none of that cures it, call tech support. 

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