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First post, Direction required

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Hello All,

This is my first post and id like to get your opinion. i have attached a picture of a car mat and i'm trying to replicate this exactly. This matt has now been discontinued and i'm looking to buy black mats and finding someone to embroider the logo into the mat. everyone i have spoken to so far says the car mat is too thick and its not possible, but i'm hoping you can point me in the direction of someone who can assist me. your help is much appreciated. Apologies if this post is in the wrong part of the site



Mat with Auto logo embroidery design

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Hi PAolo,

Unfortunately thickness is an important factor when trying to embroider on a garment. A car mat is way too thick to be embroidered as it is, but there may be a solution if the mat is stitched on either side.

The only thing left to do is to undo the stitches so as to make the mat thinner and then ask an embroidery shop if this is enough. 

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That's a strange reply to a topic where there is a picture of a carpet, embroidered. The embroidery is usually done before the rubber backing is attached. And the design has to be digitised for carpet as your material. There are lots material settings in digitising software, it's not really one size fits all. Most people digitise for pure cotton, I do. Note there are settings for towelling, fleece, leather and so on

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