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Help with download embroidery designs

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Please explain you problem. The pdf files only color chart files- and can be open in Adobe Acrobat reader (free software). Another files - is embroidery formats, for open need using your embroidery software or copy to USB card and put to embroidery machine.

Please write more information.

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I purchased some designs form you some time ago, and a free nike design. the free nike design was not in the file although the file was there, I have not used your designs from then as it has made me think again about ordering as you did not reply and sort the problem out first time. hope you will sort this problem.

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Hi, I think I am dealing with you on a Knight pattern too. I just bought a Notre Dame pattern and I'm new at this I was wondering why I received 6 different pattern? Is it the size? Also I'm having a hard time getting the size I need which is about 2x2. My machine will not allow me to adjust that much. Any suggestions.

Thank you for your time


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