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Found 125 results

  1. hello, i have machine Brother pro 1050X. i have problem Embroidery pattern does not sew out correctly. look photo. how fix this problem? thanks
  2. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 5.46 x 7.87" Author: mila.lusika
  3. View File Dog with heart applique free embroidery design 3 Size: 5.46 x 7.87" Author: mila.lusika Submitter diver361 Submitted 01/02/2018 Category Applique free embroidery designs  
  4. View File Christmas deer free embroidery design Size: 3.38 x 3.86" Author: papadely Submitter diver361 Submitted 12/15/2017 Category Christmas free embroidery designs  
  5. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 3.38 x 3.86" Author: papadely
  6. View File Bee free embroidery design dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3 Size: W 4.3 mm X H 5 mm Submitter sewbkk Submitted 07/03/2017 Category Animals free embroidery designs  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Size: W 4.3 mm X H 5 mm
  8. Cute teddy bear embroidery design

    In embroidery frame. Right now finished embroidering Shy Teddy Bear machine embroidery design. In the future it will be a napkin for a children's table-a gift.
  9. Precious design Pointe shoes machine embroidery
  10. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 5.35 x 5.78" Author: Ludmila Rebrina
  11. View File Power woman free machine embroidery design Size: 5.35 x 5.78" Author: Ludmila Rebrina Submitter diver361 Submitted 05/11/2017 Category Woman and Girl  
  12. Author : Milena Nikolovski Author comment: "Just now finished stitching the Deco 2 design. So this is HOT of off the machine Changed thread colour a bit but happy with the look . Stitched out beautifully Thank you"
  13. Owl free embroidery design in work

    This design available here Owl photo stitch free embroidery design Author: Denise Lacerte Author comment "Oh wow, I'm loving it more as it goes along. 30 mins. to go for this part. I just had to share and show how it's coming." "This is a photo of my newest embroidery design. It's too large to fit my hoop size, so I managed to split design. Can't wait to see it all stitched out. I wanted to add a little more info. about this design. My software for this I use Embird. It's says that usage for upper thread is 910.8 ft. and for bobbin it's 303.6 ft. I have it set for standard measurements. There are 69,097 stitches, if I were to sell this, just the design stitched out, at the price of $1.00 per 1000 stitches, it would cost $69.10 Some people charge at $1.00 per 10,000, it's an expensive hobby, but oh so worth it"
  14. Look what charming hedgehog. I think I already fell in love with him. Do you like this design embroidery? Buy the design here
  15. Look how sweet sleeps Mickey Mouse. Under plaid with this embroidery you can sleep also sweet. Buy the design here
  16. Kids love when their clothes are embroidered with the characters from the cartoon. Visit our website and there you will find a huge collection dedicated to cartoons. Buy the design here
  17. From the album Orfeus project

    Nefertiti embroidery design from free Egyptian Papyrus embroidery collection (published under Orfeus trademark - Australia Brisbane) Artist: Sergey Prugov Digitizer: Igor Denisov Embroidery and photo: Olga Sudnitsin (Australia Brisbane)

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

  18. File Name: Decoration flower free embroidery 5 File Submitter: lone File Submitted: 22 Sep 2014 File Category: Flowers free machine embroidery designs Size: 3.94 x 4.92' Click here to download this file
  19. Embroidered towel

    Sven and Olaf machine embroidery design Author: Janine Stewart (Australia)
  20. Mint Julep recipe coctail embroidery

    From Kitchen theme machine embroidery collection

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

  21. Teddy Bear embroidered variant for quilt

    From the album Old Toys art and embroidery

    Old Toys machine embroidery collection Artist: Kira Scripchenco Author : Denise May (Australia) Digitizer: Igor Denisov

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

  22. Bunny at embroidery quilt

    From the album Old Toys art and embroidery

    Old Toys machine embroidery collection Artist: Kira Scripchenco Author : Denise May (Australia) Digitizer: Igor Denisov

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio