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 I am struggling to know that why bobbin threads comes up in the top while embroidering? I got MC9900. Last week, I visited to the shop where I talk about my threading problems. She told me that it is the issue with threading from the top not with the issue of bobbin itself. After her advice, I am enjoying my embroidery trouble free but today it again started on the halfway through a design. As far as I am concern, I am threading the machine every time. Is that what am I doing wrong? White is coming from my front and it is not looking bad on this section. Then, I end my color block. Before starting with new color, I replace my needle with new one and also put bobbin of Madeira under the bobbin holder. I re-threaded the top section as normal but the problem is same occurring. It is not going back side of my fabric. 

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You need to check the bobbin case spring where you need to pass the thread behind. According to your version, you created lint. Go to your small bobbin case for checking thread or lint behind the spring. It may be either of these has trapped. The result is same for having no tension on the bobbin thread and it is pulled topside by the top thread.

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Thank you! I cleaned up the bobbin case and inside part of the bobbin case holder as per the suggestion mentioned in the manual MC9900.I couldn’t see any thread bits there but there was a lint there. The bobbin thread is showing at the edges when I am embroidering. Is there any issue of thread of lint striking inside the machine? I think I am not getting it. I am not figuring how it is running for one minute and then it is suddenly being stop. When I change its color, it is working in wrong way.  I started with giraffe first (yellow thread) and then with butterfly (red thread). Then, suddenly it is pulling the bobbin thread. I started with fresh hoop and with new color and I am facing the same problem. The bobbin thread coming up just around anything I am going to embroidery. 

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Nessa, you need to lower the top tension and need to slow the machine a bit. When hoop changes its direction, Top thread tension yanking the bobbin thread topside. Talking about my old MC10K it does not like a 60 degree round of and lower left boundary of a shape is a narrow border of white bobbin thread. It’s not that bobbin losses tension all time but the top thread may have been hitch of something.

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