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Hello guys. 

My name is MJ and I am completely new to the embroidery / digitizing scene.  I am 24 years old having recently graduated school.  Unfortunately I decided to go down a different career path.

I want to learn to digitize but am overwhelmed by the helplessness of where to begin.  I have NEVER worked with embroidery or embroidery machines before.  I am one who takes heavy interest in design and 

I do have appreciation for embroidery.  I just do not know where to begin.  

Communities from Reddit told me to find work at an embroidery shop and learn some basic knowledge about embroidery and only then should I start to learn the digitizing software.  Do you guys agree?  

I am already looking for work at embroidery shops but it is hard because I do not have any experience and many do not have time to train.  

What would you guys do if you were in my shoes?  COMPLETELY NEW to embroidery/digitizing and wanting to learn...


Thank you so much. 

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Hello, MJ !   I am almost in the same situation.  I started to learn this field when I got for my Birthday a sew-embroidering machine.  It was delivered with basic embroidery software and about 100 ready designs. I started with studying this software possibilities and sew transformed and  combined  embroideries. I started with theory and practice at the same time. It is very convenient to have such a machine at home.  You can start it as some hobby and grow your experience.  

P.S. If you like I can send a link to 6 video basic lessons how to use an embroidering machine.

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There is actually not much you can do without an embroidery machine when it comes to learning from scratch. Sure you can watch videos on YouTube on digitizing but this business is all about learning through experience.

This said, I would strongly recommend that you get a job in an embroidery shop, even if it offers no pay at first. There is a lot you can learn from simply watching people and machines work. Once you get a grip of this, you can now move on to learning a digitizing software.

Hope you luck!

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