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I am trying to figure out how to skew or distort segments or groups of segments in version 14 (maestro).  I am updating from v9.1 (designer), and am use to just placing my cursor along the edge I want to skew until it turned into an arrow and then left clicking and sliding it until I get the shape I want.  This could be done on any of the 4 sides of the segment box.  Now, I cannot find how to do this.  A simple example would be if I did a horizontal line...just a rectangle, but then I want to slide the right end up while keeping the left side anchored in place.  I understand under this scenario that I could move the individual points, but this is a simple item.  What if I am doing something like this to a group of segments that might have dozens or hundreds of points.

I found the Power Edit option (ctrl + O), but that skew only does left to right skews, not vertical.  Also, it skews around the center point of the segment.  It does not appear to allow me to leave one side anchored and then slide the opposite side.  I frequently need the vertical skew option when digitizing custom lettering that then needs to be placed along an odd curve.  I find digitizing the lettering on a straight line allows me to establish good base lines for sizing and adjusting for pull compensation.  Then I can slide the letters one at a time into the right position.

I have also downloaded V13 since it looks more like the V9.1 I am use to, but it has the same situation on the skewing.  The skewing and distorting of segments is something I need to use nearly every day.  This leaves me stuck on V9.1 until this can be done.

On another point....Is there a way to send suggestions for other features directly to Pulse outside of the Forum posts?  I have over 20 years of full time digitizing experience that might help in developing the software.

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