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I recently purchased a Brother SE600 embroidery machine and am having issues with actually embroidering. I think I do not have the correct supplies, and need some guidance. I have 75/11 and 90/14 needles, 40W thread, using sketch paper as a stabilizer, and primarily want to embroider on jersey. Do I have the correct supplies? Everytime I attempt to embroider, thread is bunching together in the bobbin case and the machine says to rethread the upper threads. Please help! I want to get embroidering.


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Hi, Joe!

I realize this might not apply to your situation but thought I should share it.
I had the same error (top thread broken warning) when using my machine at the beginning. Though I checked everything, and my thread was not broken! So I made sure everything was clean and that there's no little pieces of thread were stuck in, etc. In the result it turned out my top thread tension was a little too loose! So I did two things: tightened the tension of the top thread a bit and slowed down a bit.

After that, I did not have a problem.

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Maybe you bought a defective embroidery machine?
I’m now standing in front of buying a new machine for myself and looking for nuances that I need to pay attention not to buy a bad one. I've already read a lot of reviews about the embroidery machine for beginner and not only for them. Maybe you can help me to choose. For example here there are good models that you would buy for yourself?

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