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What can I do to improve the quality of my embroidery when stitching onto a thicker fabric?

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So I stitched out a design onto some thinner 100% Polyester fabric. It stitched out great, so I decided to stitch it onto a hoodie which has a thicker cotton and polyester blend. The embroidery on the hoodie looks very jagged and doesn't look anything close to as clean as the first embroidery did. Could someone point me in the right direction to getting my second embroidery to look like my first? What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much in advance. I've included an image of whats happening below.Improve embroidery quality

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Mudassir is right.

Just in case you´re not familiar with the "pull effect", it is always a factor that affects all kinds of materials to a different degree. What´s going on in your hoodie is that the garment is not stable enough to keep the stitches where they are intended to be.
To work this out you need to check the "Pull compensation" box and give it a value of about 0.3 mm (that´s what I would do), add 2 or 3 sheets of stabilizer and you´re good to go.

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