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Beginner having issues... Any advice appreciated!

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Hi all,

I'm new here and was looking for a little advice...

We have just bought a brother Innovis 750E. We are trying out samples on baby clothing but have come across the following troubles. Apologies for all the points, I am new to this and if I explain it all I am hoping it leads to one issue! 

- Sometimes the bobbin thread underneath is all that shows on top but then we repeat the design further down on the fabric (baby vest) and it is perfect.

- Large chunky font is no problem, but if we move to script writing the clothing gets sucked into the bottom and rips causing our machine to say we need to re-thread the needle with a big nest of thread underneath.

- Towels and face cloths are absolutely fine to embroider on with no issues, baby sleepsuits and vests have constantly been sucked in when attempting fonts.

We have tried changing the tension but A) we don't know what it needs to be on and B) when we changed the tension, it got even worse!

Again, I am sorry for all the questions but I really do want to solve this instead of wasting night after night trying to figure the issue and not getting anywhere.

Thank you very much in advance for any comments! :) 


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It's all experience. Because everyone has different materials. Formally, all threads are the same, in reality they are different.
I have to adjust the tension for every new brand. A thread breakage indicates a high tension. Just adjust it little by little.
As far as I remember, your embroidery machine has an electronically adjustable upper thread tension.

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Hi!  After danloading an embroidery file I change thread brand and color at thread pannel. On top of any jercy, flis and terrykloth I place a a piece  water soluble stabiliser for avoiding sinking stitches into fabrick.  If I do not that, troubles are unavoidable. 

I wish you success.


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