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I'm looking for something I call pennies. They are like an open on the sides shirt used in sports to identify teams or groups. We have a school group going skiing and we want them identified with their school name so they have to go over snowsuits. I have looked but not finding anything. Any ideas?

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Are you embroidering on the basketball shirt? Some of my customers request a patch with the name on so that the shirts can be reused the next year with a different name. You can then just sew the patch on with a zigzag machine. If you are embroidering right on the shirt I use a cutaway backing of 2 layers to stop the shirt from stretching where it is embroidered.
Hope this helps.

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I don't have any pictures, sorry. I only used a single layer and just folded the edges back over to themselves. Two simple squares, one for front and one for back, ties at sides . You can join the front to back at the shoulder with self made ties or if you have a web you could use that. Be creative, there really is no right or wrong.

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Thank you so much, and yes right on the shirt. It just goes kind of in a ball after I stitch it. It only has one letter that is 2in on it, so I do not know why it looks so bad. Thank you for your input , and I will try your backing right now. If I ever need a patch I will be sure to contact you.

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