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I am attaching my reduction to 3.1x3.8 -that I tried.  It is an .ofm format. When viewed on Design Shop looked like all was good but as mentioned below, red buttock area exceeded the black border.
Really hope that you can help with both issues.  
I just purchased this design within past week.  Hope that you can help with the resizing issue and advise if you can  make it 2.8 w x 2.5 for hat .    

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I purchased your Betty Boop design (Betty Boop with dog machine embroidery design) And i\'ve been having a few issues with the stitchout... Im stitching it on quite a plush bath towel, so perhaps that's the issue, but i was hoping you could take a look for me. Im using heavy cut away and WSS on top, but im getting pretty big gapping in the hair and the face, as well as shifting so the outline stitches aren't lining up. I have photos I can send you. Can you please take a look at the file? Im suspecting it needs adjusting so it stitches nicely on such a plush fabric... thanks!!!

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On 8/5/2015 at 9:02 AM, chablis said:

i have ordered a  embroidered design and i did not notice that the format was pec. I really need pes is there any way that i can fix the downloads that i have already recieved. And for future orders how do i order in pes format??

Just need open Order History and choose another format and download
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
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