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When using team names with the pre digitized font " Arial" the stitch files created all have the center offsetto the right . I then have to open each file and use the "Design center" on the home ribbon to correct the problem. once saved the file then leaves out all trims when run on the machine. when I open the file it shows all the trims are there. Is this just a setting I need to configure for centering and trims?

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When you set it up, look in the panel on the right, change the Profile to Tajima Standard. If I remember right, when I did my 92-name setup it was on Generic, and that did mess up the trims on the finished stitch file. They were still all centered though.

Try the Profile and see if that helps, and of course make sure the initial text is centered *before* activating the NameDrop feature.

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Al, one thing that can go unnoticed in those screen shots of the Machine Profile and Code Interpreter I referred you to is that those settings are all in mm. If your window shows points instead of mm, 1 mm = 10 pts, so the 12.1 mm stitch length is 121 pts and so forth.
But, it looks like you either were in mm, or figured out that tweak. If not, instead of long stitches you?d be having a trim after almost every stitch!

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