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Sierra will not work on a Mac. You will have to get the MAC Version to run through Adobe Illustrator. However, you have to know how to use Adobe first. It is very complicated and made even harder if you don't know Illustrator commands.

Sorry. Hope that helps. But contact Hirsch, they might be able to help

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The Mac has the ability to also run Windows by using a built in function called "Boot Camp" or by using some third party software such as Parallels.  Both products allow you to switch between using your standard Mac system or Microsoft Windows.  No matter what method you choose, you will also need to purchase a copy of Windows to install on your Mac.  While do not officially support running Sierra embroidery office  using these methods, I do know Sierra embroidery office will run under Boot Camp or Parallels Version 5 and 6.  Both options would require a newer Intel based Mac.


If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator and did not want the hassle of installing Windows and switching back and forth,  have a complete embroidery digitizing product called Embroidery i2.  Embroidery i2 is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator which runs natively on an Intel based Mac.  Embroidery i2 adds embroidery functionality right inside Adobe Illustrator.  Have a look at www.embroideryi2.com for more information.



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