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Found 114 results

  1. This is pretty cosmetics bag executed from dense fabric with convenient zip at top part. Its front side is embellished by funny embroidered picture which shows mischievous character of its owner. This work piece is very suitable for young girl who still loves cartoons and merry jokes. It is clear because of Owl in warm scarf embroidery design on her handbag.

    © Denisov embroidery Studio

  2. This is interesting woman’s leather bag which looks so rich due to original ornament. It reminds traditional ethnic motives of Arabic or other folks. Embroidered bag with free designs is not very difficult in execution but is will absolutely transform your bag or other accessory if you choose it for decoration. You also can change its color scheme or orientation.
  3. Do you still think cats just like to drink milk and eat the fish? During communicating with people they adopted the human habits, and not only the best ones. So please don’t be surprised when you see cat drinking good red wine from the glass. Drinking cat free machine embroidery design is the sample for people who have the good sense of humor and ready to laugh at a good joke.
  4. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 18.19 x 19.41'
  5. Pointe shoes machine embroidery design We make a gift for a young ballerina. A small bag for ballet shoes. Simple and elegant. The ballet embroidery design is not complex, but requires good materials. There are dense places.
  6. Author: Catherine Cyko Author comment: "Thanks so much for this design Igor It's lovely and stitched out beautifully on leather."
  7. This frog is the elegant oriental style picture. It is Frog free embroidery design for long walk through the evening city. It is made with different but calm colors which make it suitable for any outfit. Use it to complete your style and you will get the reputation of the person with impeccable taste who definitely knows how to choose the small detail to be the center of attention.
  8. ekatreina

    Angry cat free embroidery design

    This cat’s face was made as the sample of embroidery design by Lynnea Perry Bennett‎ who tried to express cat’s cunning and curious nature in this funny picture. It looks like the cat is getting out some strange place and you can’t be unnoticed if you choose Angry cat free embroidery design to decorate your bag or clothes. Don’t forget to be cunning and curious enough with this picture in your wardrobe! Author's comment: I couldn't resist the cat design.. I did not stitch the first white step to cut down on the density of the design. I love how it came out.
  9. The true woman has to have some mystery in her look. You can choose how to realize it: for example to wear the hat with wide brim or to put this sample of embroidery on your clothes or bag. This French coquette embroidery design will let you feel yourself somewhere on Champs-elysées or at the foot of the Eiffel tower. It’s not so difficult to look like the real French woman!
  10. ekatreina

    Bag with big swirl Iris embroidery design

    Flowers are one of the most popular themes of decoration of summer wardrobe. This Big Swirl Iris machine embroidery design is the beautiful sample of bright flowers which is suitable to be embroidered on bag, clothes or headwear. It is the good idea to use intensive bright color for making this sample on the light background: this way you can underline your light nature, interest for the life and readiness for adventures.
  11. ekatreina

    Shopping bag with tiger embroidery design

    Some people prefer to wait what the life will give them but the others always make their life themselves. If you are the second type of people you may like this Tiger badge machine embroidery design: face of wild tiger in frame of stylized flame is the symbol of power, strength and persistence. You may complete this sample of embroidery by motto or slogan which express your look to life.
  12. Almost any fashionista have this difficult experience: two clothes or accessories are so cute and attractive that it seems impossible to choose one of them. But if you use Stylish pug-dog machine embroidery design you don’t need to choose! You can make as much items with this design as you want: really both of these bags are equally interesting due to decoration with trendy dog having big headphones and striped bow.
  13. All cats have the unique grace and elegance, but when you see these features at the big ones it fascinates you even more: it seems incredible that such a huge animal can move so quickly and smoothly. On this Leo big cat photo stitch free embroidery design you see the beautiful big cat which is ready for jumping to its prey. You need to be brave enough to choose this picture for decoration of your clothes or bag.
  14. Picture of cats is the good idea for decoration in any case: it doesn’t matter if you want to make the funny sweater for teenager, cute backpack for the girl of five years old or funny purse for young lady. Funny cat machine embroidery design is the best evidence of this sentence: you may use it to make your wallet not just funny but also unique: so if you lose it you have a good chance to get it back.
  15. The fairy is the hero of many tales, stories and legends. Now you can make her the hero of your own life Sexy fairy free embroidery design the bag or other part of your wardrobe. It also can be used as the decoration of any element of the home. If you want to make it the suitable part of your interior you can use other colors: your fairy may be mystical or innocent or any other as you want.
  16. Available here Firebird machine embroidery design

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

  17. Funny wise owl machine embroidery design Author: chestnuha

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

  18. diver361

    Vintage ballet shoes embroidered bag

    Embroidered design on a bag for a young ballerina. Good style, calm colors. A great gift. Embroidery is the best decoration of any textile product. Pointe shoes machine embroidery design
  19. diver361

    Embroidered bag for ballet shoes

    Embroidered bag for a young ballerina. Beautiful embroidery in vintage style. With a ballet symbol. Simple embroidery thread colors. Pointe shoes machine embroidery design
  20. diver361

    Ballet shoes embroidered bag

    A new bag for a young ballerina. This is a bag for special ballet shoes. It is decorated with embroidery to give it a personalized look. shoes machine embroidery design
  21. Author: Catherine Cyko Author comment: "Thanks so much for this design Igor It's lovely and stitched out beautifully on leather."
  22. Author: Catherine Cyko Author comment: "Thanks so much for this design Igor It's lovely and stitched out beautifully on leather."
  23. diver361

    Embroidered bag with zebra free design

    Author: Melanie Stumpf‎