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    Placemats with machine embroidery

    Placemats with machine embroidery

    Preparing for a holiday, one must take a number of things into account, such as buying or creating presents, inviting guests, home decoration, etc. To make your table look inviting, you’ll only need several pieces of fabric and a sewing and embroidery machine. Sew the placemats and decorate them with machine embroidery that your guests will love!

    Placemats with machine embroidery. Materials

    • Outer fabric
    • Inner fabric
    • Between-lay
    • Tearaway adhesive stabilizer
    • Sewing and embroidery threads

    Placemats with machine embroidery. Preparations

    Cut the 48x38 cm rectangles out of the outer and inner fabrics, as well as the between-lay material. Put them together in this way: first goes the inner fabric, right side down, then the between-lay, and the upper fabric with its right side up on top of it all. Pin the layers together and draw the straight or diagonal lines with the help of a long ruler.

    Materials for making placemats

    Ruler on black fabric

    Diagonal lines on fabric

    Using the walking foot with a guide, stitch the layers together along the lines you’ve just drawn. Start with the centerline, and gradually work your way to the sides.

    Stitching along diagonal lines

    Ruler on future placemat

    Placemat with stitching

    Placemats with machine embroidery. Embroidery

    Choose a design from the machine’s memory or download one from our store. When you use designs from your machine’s memory (letters, for example), you can change their size up to 20% directly in the machine. If you are in a mood for creativity, and the machine’s capabilities are not enough, you might want to use PE Design.

    Rose flower design on screen

    Stick a tearaway adhesive to the wrong side of your fabric. Hoop and run the embroidery. 

    Silver letter embroidery on white fabric

    Silver rose flower embroidery

    After the machine has finished stitching, unhoop the fabric, and remove the stabilizer leftovers. Cut out the pockets or decorations for your placemat. 

    Silver letter embroidery

    Parts of the future placemat with embroidery

    In order to create a pocket for the cutlery, stitch on the seam allowance. Insert a cardboard pattern and gather the thread. Press the cutout with an iron. 

    Cardboard insert in the pocket

    Pocket with embroidery

    Placemats with machine embroidery. Assembling

    The pockets can be sewn on with a straight stitch on the sewing machine or by hand (blind stitch). For the neat edges, use the edge stitch foot.

    Decorative stitches on screen

    Placemat with finished edge

    The details may be attached by a zigzag stitch or any of the decorative stitches.

    Placemat with decorative finish

    Bias binding is good for the edges. You can cut it from the main fabric or you may use the companion fabric to make your bias binding a part of the decoration. To attach it to the placemat, use the edge stitch foot.

    Bias binding for placemat

    Placemat with bias binding

    Placemats are easy to sew, and there is an unlimited number of decorations.

    Black placemat with embroidered silver letter

    Black placemat with embroidered pocket on table

    Original text by Irina Lisitsa

    Edited by Irina

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