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You must have seen names like free standing lace. My all snowflakes are FSL and are done on WSS stabiliser. But If i make any ornament which is not FSL I make use of netting on the tearaway stabilser, and use solvy onver the top of netting before doing embroidery. I dont have problems with fraying or  the disintegration of design.

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While using felt do you make use of the water soluable stuff over the top? The stabilizer that I used was some what thick just like felt but not "flexible" like felt.


I am not sure if this is the water soluable stuff over the top is used for? Incase I use netting can you make use of something such as tulle? and afetr that use the water soluable 


stabilizer along with it? Over the top or underneath?

I am for sure learning alot here!!

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