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Spray on Stabilizer, Anyone ever use this

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I'm wondering if anyone has ever used the spray on stabilizer and if so, how did it work/or do? I bought some thinking it was adhesive when I was doing some In-The-Hoop Candy Cane Holders. It certainly doesn't work for adhering stabilizer to the material. Got to looking and it said Spray on Adhesive. I'm working on T-shirt material.

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 I have used spray on adhesive before while doing in the hoop candy cane holders but the place where I always get my spray on adhesive no longer carries the solvy spray on adhesive and I mistakenly bought the spray on stabilizer. I went ahead and used it tonight on t-shirt material but used another stabilizer with it. It seemed to work better than just the stabilizer by itself. I bought some adhesive spray (not the brand I always use) and it gummed up my needle and caused my thread to continually break. I started just taping the material on the back for the in-the-hoop candy canes and it worked much better than the spray on adhesive. I will have order online the Sulky spray on adhesive. It great for adhering stabilizer to material. Hope this helps someone else. Thanks.

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