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Problem with Brother pes embroidery format

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I've bought and downloaded a Ralph Lauren logo design. But for some reason I can't open it on my PC (Windows XP). The program we use is PE-DESIGN Ver 6.0 (brother) and the design shows in the "preview" window but says "unexpected file format" on opening. Do you have any idea what can be the issue?
Thank you

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It turns out that it was an AOL issue.  When I opened my account on Google Chrome, it showed paid by Paypal.  (AOL still showed NEW).  Very strange, but at least the problem is solved.  I hope you have a good day.  Mine is much better!  Next time I will use Chrome instead of AOL.

Thanks for all of your help.

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Hello!    I have followed your instructions for Item# 8021.   The file appears to download and I sent it to my “F” - removeable drive (sewing machine).  However.  My machine is not reading it.   I took my computer AND sewing machine into the sewing machine shop and they could not get the machine to read it either.  I needed a PES Brother 4 X 4 format - which I assumed this was.  Do you know of any other reason this item which I paid for will not load over to my machine.  If this will not load, I would like a refund.   Can you please help me.   Thank you!

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Hello once again, these patterns are all zipped and I don't know how to in zip them..

Would you be able to unzip and send them to me as I am not that good with technology, I've tried getting people to unzip them for me and no one knows how to..

Just wondering if you could possibly unzip just the Jeff files and send them to me so I will be able to use them

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