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Hey everybody. I'm torn between either getting a baby lock enterprise or the amaya xts.  From what I've read I can only find that Babylock is more for beginners or more accurately "idiot proof." I understand there is a huge learning curve with embroidery but I am ready for it. I am leaning more towards the babylock because of the camera and touch screen, but I also read the Amaya would be better for production.  give me insight on these machines, or would I be safe with either one? Any help would be appreciated. 
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Thank you. I AM doing quite good with DTG and I think Iwill grow with Embroidery. I do like the features baby lock has over the melco with the camera and touch screen. Can I ask you how often do you find yourself using the camera? Also is it true that with the same needles you go through leather and other materials?

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Hi, I have a Melco Amaya machine which was before the XTS versions. It was my first machine also the learning curve was not too bad as i took their class. They are nice for production as you get busy you can add additional heads as needed, network them together, and run 1 job on all machines or run different jobs on every machine. Good Luck with your search

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Properly adjusted, both machines should produce the same stitch quality. Beyond that, it's ease of use and ease of service. We're considering selling/trading one of our Brother PR600's and going to the 10 needle mainly for the camera - we've been doing a bunch of split front designs and being able to place the design more accurately could really save us a lot of time. We also need a wider sewing field than the PR600 and the 10 needle 8x14 inch frame would solve both issues.

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