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I recently chose embroidery, so I can tell you how it was.
Initially, I was going to get Janome 350E or some of its analogs, since everything else was much higher than my budget, and my sewing machines suited me 100% for their sewing functions, so even in the direction of sewing and embroidery Did not watch . However, in these typewriters strained reviews about the insufficiently strong fastening of the hoop, and the accessibility to the horizontal shuttle at the embroidery leaves much to be desired. While walking on the Internet, I stumbled upon Bernina's share - an embroidery unit as a gift for individual models. I was lucky to take money and I became the owner of Bernina Aurora 1405 of the most inexpensive of the sewing and embroidery Bernina. Immediately with the machine, I bought a plate for a straight line and a stand under the coil. Plans to buy more extra hoops. The machine embroiders only directly from the computer - for some it may be a disadvantage, but for me, as a teapot, this does not interfere - on the contrary, you can clearly see on the big laptop monitor what the machine is currently doing. A little lack of auto-pruning, but still be tolerable.

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