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  1. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Separated sizes for big hoop.
  2. Version Any popular formats


    Size: 7.79 x 1.55' Author: Marina Dudnik
  3. Hi, After having many troubles in starting my old machine (the build is 1992, I changed to electronic card so finally it works. Now the problem, according to me is how to communicate between the PC and machine. Any one has this machine ? If yes, then what to use and which system? I mean (MS-Dos or Windows and which version?) I have tried some which I found over the Net, but I get the "communication error #2" again and again on my machine. Actually I use Win 7 PC...USB to RS232... 9-25 pins ... original Toy cable machine I think the data is well exchanged but it is not enough to do the embroidery job ... Help is appreciated
  4. I am searching for free software website for the purpose to change my vector art from .ai, .eps or other preparation in to sewing machine setups such as .jeff, .sew, .dst and many more. I heard about wilcom which is awesome but costly. I want to try this out and to perform customs designs for family and friends. Hey, I am searching for help. And, can you help in operating with illustrator, fireworks and Photoshop or other program?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm thinking about taking the plunge and starting my own embroidery business, the machine I am looking at is £2000 which is a lot of money to me when there is no guarantee that my business will do well, my question is, if my business doesn't take off, would I be able to sell my machine on and if so would it keep it's value? Thank you in advance!!
  6. I'm getting problems with Brother Innovis 4000D making me to throw it! I took for tune-up they changed the bobbin holder, adjusted timing after which it worked good for a month or so. Then the same issue started again - it would stitch some stitches, and then miss bobbin thread for some stitches. I took it back to them and they adjusted something - then I tried adesign and it worked. I didn't work for a year and now need to do some patch work. It acted the same way again. Is the machine worn out now? Or its never going to work correctly again? Or is my dealer not fixing it properly? Can't afford a brand new machine, but also can't afford to spend loads of& dollars into this machine every year!
  7. I bought Janome 15000 on Monday. The bobbin threads differently but the area is basically the same, just that you can wind the thread around and cut it and it stays put - no more tails to get in your way. You can still have things go the same way for gathering and if that is your choice. I haven't tried the embroidery yet, but have hooked up to WiFi and it recognizes my iPad, but I'll need time to play with that before I can report back on it's usefulness, from my point of view. It is a wee bit bigger than the 12000, but not substantially - the hoops are the same and you get 5 as well as many, many feet. There is also a lovely storage box, soft sided with a zipper and in it 3 layers to put in all the accessories that come with the machine and space for many of the optional ones that you may already have or wish to purchase. When I went to sew, I had to look for something to sew as I've just had my sewing space renovated and everything was packed away. My bins have been brought back in from the garage, but no organization so I fumbled about a bit and took me a half day to find what I wanted - the pad I'd made to put the machine on - it still needed to be quilted. I just sewed some straight lines on it with the new machine - acuflex foot works great. The ¼" foot is accurate which is a plus as many times I wondered about that - you always got consistency if you fed the fabric along the guides, but sometimes the ¼" was a bit off - this one seems OK, but I didn't measure as what I sewed didn't need that accuracy - just went by sight, to form my opinion. Anyone who has purchased the machine and figured out the iPad stuff, please post what you know. We can learn this together.
  8. Hi there, Sorry if I´m not clear enough, I´m from Mexico and I have a brother BAS-423. So far this machine has worked wonders for me but lately I´ve come across a problem I can´t get around. Let me explain: The machine is working just fine, it finishes embroidering a color, cuts the thread and, when it´s supposed to bring the needle all the way up in order to make a color change, ONE of the three heads consistently leaves the working needle just in the middle between the garment and the upper position. The needle actually stays IN the presser foot when it should be in the upper position. So when the machines carries on to make the color change, the needle hits the presser foot and the machine stops the process. This happens with all of the needles of that same head. I figured the problem was the jump solenoid so I´ve managed to dismantle the head and extract it, but before buying a new one (they´re really expensive around here) I´d like to be sure a replacement is definitively needed. I´d like to stress that other than that, the machine works just fine, so I´m very doubtful whether the solenoid is actually the problem. Thanks to all of you in advance, Alan.
  9. Hello all! I have been tasked to find and purchase an embroidery machine for my workplace .. but I have no idea where to start. I figured this place of passionate people would be a great place to start! My employer is looking to bring their jacket embroidery in house. We use a 4 inch wide logo on the front and an 11 inch wide logo on the back. These logos are colored. Does anyone know any machines that are beginner friendly that would no exceed the $3500 range budget? Would be super grateful for any direction. Thank you!
  10. This is beautiful and simple embroidery made in cross stitch technique. This picture shows stylized silhouette of sewing machine in frame of flowers. Sewing machine cross stitch free embroidery design is quite easy sample even for beginners in embroidery. This picture will be liked by all lovers of handicraft. You may use it to decorate of your box with threads or other sewing accessories.
  11. There is the nice case for the sewing machine which can securely protect it from any stains or damages. But it is not just the convenient item but also the thematic accessory which is the mark of its owner favorite pastime. So it is decorated with Sewing is my hobby embroidery design. There is the picture of little girl who is creating her nice work piece with the sewing machine in retro style.
  12. This is nice example of good and original way to decorate clothing or accessory for child. You may create appliqué style embroidery and then place it on noticeable place of main work piece. You may be sure you child will be happy if he or she loves cartoon cars. Use our Doc Hudson embroidery design or other cars from our pretty collection.
  13. Need help finding FREE User Manuals for my Tajima TEHX-C1501. Just bought the machine and need to learn how to use it. Where can I find one? Thanks, tsruiz
  14. This is nice and practical case for sewing machine executed from dense cotton. It protect from dust and occasional pollution. You may create something like this not only for sewing machine but for any technique you use not very often. If you also like this embroidery sample you can take our Kitten in a mug applique free embroidery design. Author: Jean Nelson Rice (USA) We sew and embroider on the cover for the sewing machine: Materials Denim or cotton fabric Temporary fixation glue Water soluble stabilizer Tear-off stabilizer non-adhesive Machine Embroidery Top Thread Machine embroidery bobbin thread
  15. I would like to summarize the experience gained by users, at the choice of embroidery and sewing embroidery machines and additional equipment for them.
  16. This picture shows the process of work on the masterpiece based on Grouchy owls embroidery design. The main contours and color scheme of both characters of this embroidery sample are already clear. But the author still has to finish the head of the main bird and some little details. The image perfectly shows that some elements of this picture are executing in some steps. So the body of the owls also requires some more work.
  17. Distaff cross stitch free embroidery design View File Size: 6.94 x 7.72' Submitter test5 Submitted 01/28/2017 Category Cross stitch machine embroidery designs
  18. You can download full pack STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL here. Software have some limitations max 40000 stitches and contained adverting.
  19. Version PDF format


    The attached document contains information on setting up LAN enabled machines. It has been updated for 2009 and includes information for the TEJT2 (Neo 2).
  20. I am struggling to know that why bobbin threads comes up in the top while embroidering? I got MC9900. Last week, I visited to the shop where I talk about my threading problems. She told me that it is the issue with threading from the top not with the issue of bobbin itself. After her advice, I am enjoying my embroidery trouble free but today it again started on the halfway through a design. As far as I am concern, I am threading the machine every time. Is that what am I doing wrong? White is coming from my front and it is not looking bad on this section. Then, I end my color block. Before starting with new color, I replace my needle with new one and also put bobbin of Madeira under the bobbin holder. I re-threaded the top section as normal but the problem is same occurring. It is not going back side of my fabric.
  21. I got Brothers SE 400 and struggling to learn for embroidery. I read lot of them online. I am new to this forum and would like to ask you all about better stabilizers for children's t-shirts. I heard about light, medium and heavy weight. Are they awesome to use? Please let me know.
  22. Hi, I just bought an old Toyota AD820 (not A model). After switching on the power, there is nothing on the machine LCD display -except '_' on upper line left and red LED light gets on. None of the buttons respond. Nothing is written in user manual of (35 pages) about this trouble, nor any way to somehow 'reset' the software. i'm new, some questions I owuld like to ask is: The computer needs to be connected through serial port for enabling 820 to start ? Also Any thing else i must check ? Thanks.
  23. I,m helping a friend to find a new Benina machine. She feels the format to be .ART however I cannot convert any design to .ART from the Janome program, yes I can easily convert to other formats. please suggest what should I do. She wants a quilt label. I told her I can digitize it and email her so that she is able to get it stitched quickly. The problem is that my program is not giving the output to the.ART formant. any help?????
  24. Hi, I want opinions on what will be the best and superb embroidery machine as well as software for having logos on t shirts or polo shirts.
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