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I'm getting problems with Brother Innovis 4000D making me to throw it! I took for tune-up they changed the bobbin holder, adjusted timing after which it worked good for a month or so. Then the same issue started again - it would stitch some stitches, and then miss bobbin thread for some stitches. 

I took it back to them and they adjusted something - then I tried adesign and it worked. I didn't work for a year and now need to do some patch work.
It acted the same way again. Is the machine worn out now? Or its never going to work correctly again? Or is my dealer not fixing it properly?
Can't afford a brand new machine, but also can't afford to spend loads of& dollars into this machine every year!
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Thanks everyone - I emailed to Brother today. My dealer is good and trying hard to work this out but issue is I think they are getting sick of seeing me. when I took my machine some weeks ago they did not charge me. But I would rather pay for getting it fixed! I also verified that there's 25 years warranty on chassis and mechanical things so I hope Brother will help me. I have got people waiting for patches done!

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Please help me, sorry if am bothering, actually I was searching for information about using PE Design blank card, shouldnt they work with all machines of Brother having card access ?
I had a Brother 8500D embroidery machine which did card transfer without problem using 4x4 or 5x7. 
I had bought Brother SE400 to do 4x4 only when I started using the card and loaded with 4x4, SE400 did not read card but my machine had direct pc hook up. Till date I have not found the solution. Has anyone got this problem and how did you solve it,did you solve it ?


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I wanted to update about my machine. I emailed the Brother people and they replied with some standard things that I must check. Me and my dealer had already checked it many times. Now my dealer has got the solution, he says that the needle bar system is weak - when I sew stiffer materials, the needle doesn't work properly and this causes it to miss the stitches. They are now ordering a new assembly and will install and check it.

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Thanks for the update candace - it's good that you got a solution. I have never given a shot on doing embroidery on any ready-made patch blank - have you done the entire thing with your emb machine?
I do not know about the costs, but don't you think it would be a great saving, (yes some what more work)
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Well is this needle bar has been covered when this particular problem first came across? If so, then I feel that they must cover the cost of the needle bar now and by the way why is it not covered. Its a manufacturing fault, plan and simple. Just keep asking them, maybe they will cover it or ask Brother to cover this.

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