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Boston Bruins logo embroidery design problem with fabric

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I just purchased the Alabama university logo embroidery design and it will not transfer over to my machine. The file format was pes and it should be the correct format for my brother machine. The file shows up but once transferred over the pattern does not show up. It only shows that storage is being used. I downloaded and purchased an auburn logo earlier today from you and it works perfectly. It is also a pes format. I'm not sure why this logo won't work but I'm very disappointed. Please help fix this. Thank you!

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On 9/8/2014 at 8:21 PM, Carol1950 said:
I guess I did not check that I wanted color charts with the design files we just bought.  I need the color charts....so how do I go about getting those? Order #15584
Thank you!
Just need choose color charts formats in Order Donwload page. For help please read this topic 
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its showing that there is a discount on the my little pony section but when placed in cart its not showing the discount

Because you a;; payment less 50 usd 

At purchase from a $50 discount 3%.

At purchase from a $100 discount 7%.

At purchase from a $150 discount 10%.

At purchase from a $200 discount 20%.

At purchase from a $300 discount 25%.

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