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Just now, dinny8 said:

I placed this order on July 20th. I thought that they would fit my 4x4 hoop. The designs are close but just a bit too big. Can the designs in this order that are, for example, 3.91 x 2.91, be reconfigured for my 4x4 hoop? There are several in this order that need to be configured.

Please explain which designs have problem? Your embroidery format?
Real size for 4 x 4 hoop - 3.93  x 3.94'

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1 minute ago, karakaki said:

Hey:  I'm new to this site.  In updating my profile, my machine is not listed (Brother, Simplicity - SB7900)  I fudged it and put in Simplicity 7500.  The hoop size came up as 100m x 100m  What size is that and how do I change to inches?

3.94 x 3.94'

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3 minutes ago, Berez said:


I had bought some machine embroidery designs from your website on the jef format. I need to now use them on my Bernina 880 embroidery machine and it only takes the EXP format. could you please let me know what I can do to get my designs in this format thanks.

Open Order History and choose or add format which you need

look Video tutorials at http://embroideres.com/video-instructions-customers

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. 

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