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Sierra embroidery software system mistakes

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Support answer: 


Are you using the Smart Design feature to conver the Area w/hole into an Area w/elastic pattern?


PS: about the Access Violation error, those errors (among OLE/Class not registered ID) are related to DLL system files. Some DLLs are missing or corrupt. Something is preventing the Dll's correct copy/installation or even execution. Could be the antivirus and/or other cleaning program.


Most likely your antivirus has already deleted some of our system files or is preventing to run it, and that's why you get the error. I suggest to create some antivirus exclusions on these folders:


For 64-bits Vista or Win7/8:
- C:\Program Files(X86)\Sierra\
- C:\Program Files(X86)\Common Files\Sierra\
- C:\ProgramData\Sierra\


For 32-bits Vista or Win7/8:

- C:\Program Files\Sierra\
- C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sierra\
- C:\ProgramData\Sierra\


For Windows XP:

- C:\Program Files\Sierra
- C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sierra
- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sierra



Support Center.

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Smart Design not help....and not fixing our problem... This tool not convert area with hole to elastic stitches are.We listen this before (over 1 year ago)  reinstall and have same.. In our forum Sierra customers  have same problems. This is software mistake.

Stitch Era generate same errors....


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Yes,  but we need elastic area and not complex fill. Example letter O...In our forum we recommend wait patch, another version,,,,, or using Wilcom 1.5  or later - in this software - this is not problem.. Also as in Tajima.....Now Tajima decrease price and updater her software every 2-3 month...

You not tell  me how fix problem...

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