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Blackhawk logo embroidery need another size

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 hi,,I just purchased your blackhawk embroidery logo,,,months  ago  i purchased  the blackhawk Indian embroidery,,and  you  were able to resize it for me..I was wondering if you could make the one I purchased the am,,smaller also?..I was hoping for a size closer   to 2 1/2  x 2..if possible  without ruining  the pattern...thank you.

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Thank you for your feedback.  Yes, I am requesting a change in thread color.  
I have attached a picture which includes the BLUE and GREEN that I would like.  Can you please replace the original BLACK thread of the patch with the new BLUE color, and the original GREEN thread of the patch with the new GREEN color?  Is this possible?

Blackhawk logo embroidery design

I would also like to order the largest size (Size 3: 140 × 88 mm 5.51 × 3.46").  How do I specify this size when I order?

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Hi, I recently purchased a Embroidery logo for Janome 300e. I cant seem to open the file. I have an Apple Mac. Do I need software to open the file.Hear from you soon.   Thanks

Embroidery file which you download, full ready for embroidery machine. But need copy to USB sticj and put to embroidery machine.

If you wish open and edit file in iMac need special embroidery software. This is not standard software. 

For example embird manager - embird.com.
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