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Janome 300e adding jefs to card

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 Can you tell if there's a way to add designs to card which goes in the machine...in folders beasue i have ton of daisys, and i can make daisy folder, or some alphabet folder etc, at the moment these are all over the place 


Please give a step by step guide

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Candace, the janome 300e will only read one folder and that's Embf5, your machine also has a small built in memory and processor, storing designs on the card will give it indigestion. 


Instead of storing on the card, set up a folder system on your PC. Create a master folder and give it a name like my designs, then inside of it create several more folders. You can call one daisies and pop all your daisy designs in it. I create folders for each website that I have purchased designs from, then inside created more folders to pop the designs into specific categories. For example, Zundt embroidery for the folder then inside, a folder called lace, another called large flowers, another called Adorations. I include a text file with the web address of the design site so I can find it quickly another time. 
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So basically, you are saying to keep everything on pc and to keep designs on the cards and then delete till next project.... 

Thing is....how to view designs on my pc as i cant view jef on the pc or i need some programme to view jefs?

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