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Problem with Brother pes embroidery format

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Hi I have just bought a brother pe650 embroidery machine. I have worked out how to do everything BUT....applique. I can do it with the built in designs but i have bought a few and I can\'t seem to do it. The machine seems to want to do the whole design without stopping and there is nothing with the applique stitches. PLEASE HELP

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I love your site. I guess I am stupid because I do not know what size I am supposed to look for that will fit in my hoops.
My hoop size is a 4X4 I have a Brother SE 425 machine. I ordered several things. Some downloaded and some didn't.
Will you please send me the 4X4 size of
1645- Minnie Mouse embroidery design
2793- Rocky Lion embroidery design
2897- Hello Kitty embroidery design
189- Mater Small Size embroidery design
Thank you so much for your assistance, it is truly appreciated!

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The Boston Bruin .PES (Brother) embroidery files that i downloaded are corrupt and will not load.  I also ordered the Chicago Blackhawks and those .PES files work fine.

Can you look and see if the Boston Bruin File might be corrupt I have Downloaded them twice and both times same result (unexpected file format).

Please check e-mail box, we send another version (2 and 4) compatible with any types BROTHER embroidery machines.

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This is easy. All  embroidery designs compatible with BROTHER embroidery machines, and don't need buy additional accessory. Only one moment, before buy check your embroidery hoop size and design size. This information have in product page.

Also; you can choose your embroidery machine in Profile and every time you see this design fit yo your hoop or no.

How check hoop and embroidery design's size
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