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  1. Version any popular formats


    Size: 2.09 x 3.15' Everyone's favorite console game hero. Remember your childhood. Decorate your grandson or daughter's jersey with this free design. Here you will find more professional works Super Mario machine embroidery designs
  2. Please help me, I just started with PE design 11… but how can I switch between tabs shapes and stitches? Sometimes it shows and sometimes not.. I cant figure it out in my own
  3. Version 1.0.0


    The attached files will allow you to use the Fil-Tec Glide 40 Polyester colors of embroidery thread with Brother PE-Design 11 software, and likely other versions of Brother PE-Design. There are over 370 colors available, and included in this list.The last 11 colors in the list have “odd” color numbers and DO import into Brother's PE-Design, but the actual colors numbers (containing letters) do not. The colors CAN be used in digitizing along with all of the other Fil-Tec Glide 40 Polyester colors, following the directions that I put together and have attached. I really enjoy using the Glide threads, and have taken the time to put this list together for myself, and figured other people might as well have access to it as well. I am not affiliated with Fil-Tec in any way, and get nothing out of this, other than being happy to contribute something to the embroidery community. If you ever have questions about using these threads I’d contact Fil-Tec.They have gone out of their way to answer questions I have had.
  4. i'm having a problem with the size of a pes file picture bought on embroideres.com when trying to write to a card i get an error "too many stiches"\ can you assist?
  5. My machine in a Brother 1500D. It can take a hoop up to 6.25 to 10.25. It only take pes files. I am using the PED-basic software. It will not open. There is nothing in the folder when I open it. Help please.
  6. Author: Theresa Sheak· Author comment: "this is what i did with the love is ones..thank you so much." Are you looking for a beautiful and meaningful way to show your love to someone special? Look no further than the Two Bags with Love is Free embroidery design! This embroidery design features a beautiful heart-shaped design with the word "Love" in the center. It's perfect for adding to bags, totes, or any other project that needs a touch of love and romance. The best part? The Two Bags with Love is Free embroidery design is completely free! You can download it and use it to create your own personalized bags for yourself or for someone special. And let's not forget about the versatility of this design. Whether you want to create matching bags for you and your significant other, or create a set of bags for your closest friends, the possibilities are endless. Plus, the heart-shaped design is perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. So why settle for boring, plain bags when you can create something beautiful and personalized with the Two Bags with Love is Free embroidery design? It's a great way to show your love to someone special and add a touch of romance to your accessories. Download the design today and get ready to create something truly special!
  7. Hi all, Im new to embroidery, i have purchase some of the designs off of this site to practise, just wandering what the best stabiliser to use is? without leaving a rough surface on the inside? i am only practising on towels, daughters t-shirts and singlets at this stage... also, whats the best cotton to use? I've noticed that several of the designs suggest Robinson-Anton? is this correct? something that i can purchase from spotlight? I'm after a wider range of colours, i have only basic colours that came with the machine at the moment and i need more to make prettier things. Thanks so much, Foxy
  8. Hi, i have just bought Brothers SE 400 and I know by going on ibroidery.com i can download images but i did not know that this website also offer the same. But Is there any compatibility required for downloading?
  9. Version 1.0.0


    some try out i enbroiderd on my t shirt because of the fact that my Co worker call me einstein
  10. I'm a beginner with a new machine and have questions. Is there anyone with a Brother SE600 that can help me out? I started a design and idk what I did but the machine is starting from the beginning again. Is there a way to skip steps?
  11. Hi I am looking for a card reader and card which would be compatible to use on my Brother Innovis 440e embroidery machine. All help is welcome, thank you
  12. View File Baby super mario free embroidery design Size: 2.09 x 3.15' Everyone's favorite console game hero. Remember your childhood. Decorate your grandson or daughter's jersey with this free design. Here you will find more professional works Super Mario machine embroidery designs Submitter diver361 Submitted 03/10/2021 Category Cartoon  
  13. Hi I’m a newbie with my brother machine which has designs built into the machine, I was wondering how you make your own designs, font ect and then download them into the sewing machine could anybody help me please.
  14. I have done machine embroidery on an occasional basis (gifts, etc) for over 20 years on a Brother. I’m now sans kids and my days are free, I would like to move into a commercial mode by upgrading my machine. Could anyone recommend a machine from experience? I have about $8K - $10K to spend; anything more I would need to find financing. I want to avoid any made in China, unless there is a US firm distributing and servicing after the sale with training and support provided or at least available.
  15. Hello community, I am a complete novice, but I have been doing lots of research, reading, watching tutorials and videos informing myself on embroidery machines. However, I cannot figure out which machine to buy. I know I would like it to have at least a 10" x 6" or 260 x 160 mm embroidery area, since I would be making relatively large designs on hoodies/sweatshirts. If anyone could let me know of an embroidery machine and it's corresponding (or compatible) software that would let me digitize my own designs, it would be very much appreciated. I'd be looking at a budget of about 1700 EUR or 1500 GBP. I was looking at the Brother Innovis 870SE, so if anyone has any opinions on that machine it would also be appreciated. Thank you.
  16. New Brother Innovis XE1 will not read usb from computer? Any ideas to fix? Will it only work with wifi and do I need extra software?
  17. Does anyone use Brother PE-Design Next embroidery digitizing software? What do you like/dislike about it? Where i can download free or trial?
  18. I am a store owner who is wanting to add embroidery to my list of services and products. I have an opportunity to purchase a Brother Entrepreneur Pro pr1000e from a friend who took very good care of it. She wants $5000 with stand, hoops, accessories etc. Its 8 years old and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience using this and if it is worth it?
  19. I am just starting out with my pe770. Sometimes it works great and other times I have can’t figure it out. I’m working on a letter B now, it lays out the first set of stitches then comes back with a satin stitch but that satin stitch doesn’t completely cover the first lay out stitch. I’m not sure how to fix this. I’ve slowed the machine down and it was worse.
  20. View File denkende einstein some try out i enbroiderd on my t shirt because of the fact that my Co worker call me einstein Submitter han Submitted 07/21/2019 Category Photo stitch
  21. Decorative pillow: machine embroidery with alignment Not only is a present for a loved one, created with your own hands and in accordance with his or her tastes and preferences, a value-in-itself, but the attention you show in that way makes it even more valuable. Which item is simplest to create, even for a person who doesn't engage in handicraft? A decorative pillow, of course. There is a great variety of them, from a simple sole-colored pillow made of linen or cotton to the ones decorated with appliqué, embroidery or a pattern formed by beads or sequins. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do machine embroidery with alignment. You’ll need: Fabric Upper thread Underthread Stabilizer Tailor's chalk or water-soluble marker Stick the tearaway adhesive stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric. With a water-soluble marker or chalk, mark the center and the horizontal and vertical axes on the fabric (blue lines in the picture). Trace the patterns in the corners of the future pillow. Hoop the fabric and embroider the first part of your design (the upper left corner). During the embroidery, I recommend doing your patterns in the following order: upper left corner, then upper right, lower right and lower left. Every time you rotate your design by 90 degrees clockwise. Having embroidered the first part of the design, use the plastic template that comes with your machine to hoop the next parts. Thanks to the “Display fabric while aligning the embroidery position” option in Brother Innov-is 1E, you can check the positioning accuracy without the alignment stitches/crosses. Cutting out and assembling the pattern For the front side of your pillow, cut out a square size 36 x 36 cm (that includes seam allowance) out of the embroidered fabric. After that, cut out two rectangles size 36 x 19 cm for the back side. Inserting a zipper under the placket Pin or baste the zipper tape to the longer sides of the rectangles, install a zipper foot and stitch. Add piping along the perimeter of the front or the back panel of the pillowcase. Start and end at the bottom of the future pillow, matching the edges of the fabric and the piping with approximately 2 cm overlap. Cover the panel with the piping with the panel without, their right sides facing each other, and stitch perimeter-wise; add a few back stitches in the places where you zipper is. Finish the edges with overlock. Press the pillowcase and turn it the right sight out. Put your pillow into it. The new pillow is ready! Original text by Irina Lisitsa
  22. My wife and I have had a Brother PE770 for a year or so and have been able to resolve most issues by running down the checklist (e.g. rethread, reset bobbin, clean bobbin area, etc), but this one has us stumped. All of a sudden the upper thread is stitching out very loose, with big open loose loops on the bottom and virtually no bobbin thread on the bottom at all. See pictures of what's happening here: We've made no changes in how we embroider at all - standard upper and bobbin thread we always use, same fabric, same fonts, etc. This just started happening out of nowhere. It even "fixed" itself at one point in the middle of a pattern where it had been stitching out loose, only to go back to stitching loosely. We've seen some posts online saying the upper thread tension is loose and we should increase the tension through the digital settings, but (i) we've tried that and it didn't work and (ii) we've never fiddled with those settings so it shouldn't all of a sudden need that digital adjustment. We are a bit desperate and would love any help or tips!
  23. Hello everyone, I am having issues stitching a simple box running-stitch on my Brother Innov-is NV800. Some parts of the stitching on the box look perfect, some look as if there is a problem with the tension. And I just don't understand why. It appears as if the tension "changes" every time the needle goes around the corner. MY FIRST EXAMPLE Stitching starts in top-left corner. Starts good, then stitching turns ugly as direction changes, only to finish sewing the final vertical stitch fine. I digitized this with Ink/Stitch. MY SECOND EXAMPLE I digitized this with PE-Design 7. Stitching starts botom center. Right away, the stitching looks bad, arter turning corners it's good again, only to finish bad again. MY THIRD EXAMPLE Simple lines stitched in one direction. Each line is perfect. What's going on here? A pattern I see, in both box-examples, the right-vertical and bottom-horizontal lines look bad. -Both boxes were digitized in different programs. -I use an 80/12 Topstitch needle -Thread is Rayon size 40 Everyones assistance here is really appreciated
  24. Hi all, I am new to this community. I have a problem with my Brother PR620 with the thread take up lever getting stuck in a downward position, a whining sound and a motor lock message. Has anyone come across this problem before? Is there a simple solution or do I have to send my machine to a service centre? I am based in the Seychelles and the nearest service centre is in the UAE or South Africa. I have uploaded a video. If anyone could help I would be very grateful. Jude Bijoux, Golden Threads Embroidery, Seychelles. 20181217_135623.mp4
  25. Hello.. I have problem with my Brother PR620. When machine uses thread on position n. 6 it stops after few stiches. It says check upper or bottom thread. But everything is ok with threads. What else could be wrong? Anyone?
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