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I have in the past purchased your digitized art (quite satisfied), only one thing. I have experienced trouble with the enlargement or reduction of the art. I don\'t have any software for that so I guess I can\'t  change the sizing any. If I need a logo for a couple of different projects that require they be sized different how can I ask for them to be sized on your end before I download, is that possible.  How is that charged on your end. Thanks for your help on this matter.
Logo in question - harley.pes (needs to reduce 82% final size 2 ¼ x 1 5/8 ), (enlargement 108% final size 3x2 3/8

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You digitized an embroidery for me in December. I have tried to use it but writing is too small. can you fix it please?
DOYOUKNOW is too close should be DO YOU KNOW with space between words.
Embroidery sewing too tight.
Also stars too small too.
My biggest hoop size is 225x140,
I need urgent making quilt for my baby grandson’s cot.

Twinkle embroidery design

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