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Customer digitiizng cost

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Maybe need 2 spaces between each words. Also needs to fit in 225x140 hoop size as wont work on my machine. Maybe have to take some stars and hearts out to let the words have more room. Thank you very much

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I have in the past purchased your digitized art (quite satisfied), only one thing. I have experienced trouble with the enlargement or reduction of the art. I don\'t have any software for that so I gue

Hi My name is Linda and i am from Denmark. How much does it cost to make a JPEG file (1600x1443 pixel, 96x96 dpi, size:  220 kb) to VP3 (about 200 mm high)? I cant find any prices on your website “

Price not connected with size of picture, only how much time we spent to embroidery digitizing. Please attach or send your picture we send back price., Cheers

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Hi all,
A friend of mine is Florida is looking for somebody to do some letters and numbers on a jersey for her son. I'm familiar with the 
how's but haven't done it, and I'd rather send her to somebody who IS familiar with doing it than risk me screwing it up. I have a photo of what she wants done if anybody's interested and wants to take a look. You can reply privately, or on list...my email is in my signature.

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How expensive are embroidery patterns for a Bernina Embroidery Machine to have them digitalized

I am interested in having some patterns custom digitalized to work on a Bernina Embroidery Machine and I\'d like to know the cost to have one done..

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I need the designs digitized in either a .pes, .hus or .vp3 format.I have a Husqvarna/Viking Scandinavia 300 (.hus) and a Designer Topaz 30 (.vp3) I have the 5D Organizer only that is part of the 5D Embroidery System that came with the Topaz 30 .I can open, convert from one format to another, add cut commands, and print out a full sized preview - that is it! But what you have sent, is not in ANY format. So I can not open it at all, let alone convert it to what I need. Both the car logo attachments that you sent for some reason, were formatted and I could open them - I just have no need or desire for them.
If you could send my order formatted like those, then I would be OK.

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Dear sir,
We have a question about digitizing logos. We are a embroidery company and we are searching for a partner to digitize our logos for our costumers. Can you help me with digitizing the logos. We can send several formats for the logos and we need .DST files
kindly regards,

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They all must be 4 and 3 cm wide an will be embroidery on natural leather, and I find some of then can be too small !
So you look from Your side and tell what do you think, that min. wide should be.
Best Regards
Audi Q7 art for embroidery digiizing
Mini cooper logo for embroidery digitizing
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Can you digitize this design for me (please see attachment) in 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 4X4 inch, and 5X7 inch?  Please remove the horizontal lines to the right of the foot and to the left of the tail.  What would the cost be and how long will it take?
Thank you,
Dallas stars oval logo for embroidery digitizing
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I am a board Trustee for the Charity The Disability Karate Federation. A charity that strives for Karate to be inclusive and not exclusive.

I was wondering if we could have a quote for the digitising of the attached files primarily in PES to size 4in x 4in. Please could you quote for a larger size and smaller size the workable area is 5in x 7in.

Many thanks

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