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Greetings, I have 15 free designs on my account. I tried to download 2 this evening but it will not allow me to do so unless I give PAYMENT information. There is no charge for my free designs. Your website states that I can download my free designs that I have on account at any time. Why can't I download my designs without giving my PAYMENT information when the order is $0. I don't think I should have to give PAYMENT information when my order is for two of my 15 FREE designs on my account!

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ich habe Ihre Seite gefunden und war begeistern von den super Stickmotiven!!!!! Um diese auszuprobieren habe ich mich registriert und wollte ein paar Freebies downloaden. Dieses funktioniert nicht, denn auch nur bei einem Motiv im Warenkorb wird mir angezeigt,

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Das ist sehr schade, wenn ich die Möglichkeit für Freebies schon nicht habe und diese NUR in Verbindung mit einer Bestellung nutzen kann, können Sie mich wieder löschen!!Was schade wäre, denn sehr viele Kaufmotive interessieren mich sehr!





I found your site and was inspired by the super embroidery designs!! To try this, I have registered myself and wanted a couple of freebies to download. This does not work, because only one motif in the cart appears to me,

Exceeded possibility - -

This is a shame, if I have not the opportunity for these freebies and ONLY in Can utilize connection with an order, you can delete me again! What would be a shame, because a lot of buying motives I am very interested!


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I don't care if I have to pay. I just want to know how to download this. I have email before with this problem from brothers and I am not getting much support from this company. I am very dissatisfied with Brothers. it seems the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. If you don't know how to do it than just say I don't know how to download to a USB port. Is there a human that I can speak to on the phone?

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I click on a design to add to the cart, and then added a second one, and it said I had exceeded the allowed designs. I then get rid of one and update the cart, yet it still says I have exceeded my limit. I am not able to get the designs. What is wrong? I tried this some weeks ago, and got the same thing. Why is it saying I have exceeded my limit, when I cannot even add one design? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I just made an order (#008251).  When I went to the download page, I could get all of the order except for a free design (Basil #3792).  How can I get this one to download?  On the download page it showed the design but there was nowhere to click to download it.

Please help!

Thank you

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I have problems the freebies from embroidery library to download. I´m looking often on your homepage and I find some cute and lovely pictures for my sew- and embroiderymashine. but everytime if I do some free embroidery designs in my cart - later I cann´t find and download.please help me. than I can use your wonderful designs.
all the best

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