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Please some Info on Singer Futura Quartet embroidery machine !!!

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Hi Folks,

I have loads of questions and queries related to embroidery and machines as well, I hope all gets sorted out here in this forum, well for now I want to know-can I have some info on FQ4. I have recommended it to a friend for embroidery, she is looking forward to do wing needle embroidery. Anyone of my help??? and anyone has this machine???
I will need help with embroidery aspect of this machine as well!! Using it for quilting big quilts as for quilting its great!! 
Thanks for info,
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Thank you Candace,its my friend who has troubles getting things placed over the hoop on her laptop then going to the machine, trying and tracing to check the placement before she stitches the embroidery design!
 It won't trace and makes her wonder how actaully will be the design placed. This can be done with Janome, editing or moving the design for the placement before stitching! This is the question I have to ask related to the Embroidery side of this machine! Thank you for helping me with the issue!!
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You have option to "trace" ?? prior you send it to machine? According to the company singer, our machines are very much alike. I know they say this in their booklet.
Open the embroidery design. Click the "Trace Design". Push start button. (your machine will do tracing around boundaries of your design) some rectangle. If you are happy, send the design, in case no then right
click just anywhere inside the screen and just choose the "select design to move", now this will just automatically select entire design as well as you can simply move it to anywhere you want.
Hope this helps you, and I wanna thank you, because even I did not know this before. I learnt while helping you out.
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Thanks now this is wonderful!! Does your emb machine do multi-hoop with large 6x10 hoops? I used this feature on my friends singer machine but its labor intensive job (cannot shut down the PC or embroidery machine till its completed
it took us 8 hours to complete) No doubt it did beautiful work!! :)  :)
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No, I lose connection from pc to Singer. It has not been such a big problem yet. Just complete that  "block" and then it just closes, resend, and then continue design. But have to complete what its doing when I lose it. Cannot start in between the "block". Actually my sewing room's computer, is not connected to internet. I make use of discs as well as memory sticks.
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I bought one of these machines and for regular sewing tasks, pretty well does what a sewing machine does. but I got it for the Embroidery function and it doesn't do this very well at all. First, the soft ware will not stay resident on my computer. The add on software package disappears of the hard drive after 3-4 days and I must re load it to use the auto punch and other features. 

The other problem I am experiencing is heavy bird nesting after 2-3000 stitches or so. Does fine after I take the thing apart and reassemble, but come 3000, I am tearing it down again. I see that it has a plastic or more apt, a nylon Hook with a magnet in the Race to keep the thing down, but there is no real assembly to keep the hook unit stationary and it tends to fold under the catch stubs(intended to keep it from rotating 360 degrees I assume) and the hook rotates to the point I have lost two needles because it was so far out of position.

This is driving me crazy any one know what needs to happen for this to work correctly?

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I know this is an old thread, but I recently moved and lost my copy of the Quartet software. This came up in my web search. If there is a better thread for this, feel free to move it to the best space.
Anyone have an Idea where I might get a copy of the software?

Download would be best, but CD would be okay too. This machine has always worked for me. Any help would be appreciated. 



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