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Items with Logo embroidery designs

Sportswear casual wear with embroidered logos. A great way to make uniforms or business accessories recognisable. Shave your project from Logotype embroidery designs to make a branded jacket or t-shirt.

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    • This Mayan glyph is called House of the forest spirit.
      This was sewn in a lime green and look very nice on the bright pink shirt.  You can find the design here in the fee with purchase  group.  
      Mayan forest spirits were thought to be little people called Alux (ah-loosh) and farmers would make clay figures of one and put it under the largest tree on their land and bring food and gifts to insure a plentiful harvest.
      Two -thirds of the Mayan forest has dangerous animals who roam the nights.  There are much more stories about the Alux who have a long history of events and antics.
    • This is another unique and fascinating Mayan Glyph.  It sewed well.  This one I did not reduce much since it has so much detail to it.  The shirt has a little bit of fuzziness to it and some wet spots above it. It looks amazing I think.   You can find Window to the World machine embroidery design
    • This is a Mayan glyph,  This means "Keeper of the Cave."  I like this one as a reminder of who runs the house,  I Reduced the size and used a 60 wt. thread for it and it sewed very well.  
      You can find the design in the free with purchase designs on this page  
    • This is one of the Mayan glyphs, it means "My House in the Woods."   It is a bit smaller than the original, so I used a 60 weight thread with it,  It came out perfect.  
      You can find the design with the free with purchase group  here
    • Is the tree embroidered with Root Man available in your designs?  It is very unique.  
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