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  1. Version Any popular formats


    Size: 3.52 x 3.24' Author: Sergey Vavilov
  2. Version CDR format


    A large collection of designs to create decorations for Christmas or New Year. Possibility of resizing without sweating the quality.
  3. Carry Your Love for Puppies with a Cute and Functional Bag Show off your affection for man's best friend with our adorable embroidered bag featuring a charming Puppies embroidery design . This delightful accessory is perfect for dog lovers who want to combine their passion for pets with a stylish and functional bag that suits any occasion. A Lovable Puppy Embroidery Design That Steals Hearts The irresistible puppy design for embroidery machine is sure to steal the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. This playful embroidery showcases a cute and curious puppy, capturing its adorable expression and playful nature. The high-quality embroidery brings the design to life, making it an eye-catching centerpiece of the bag. Unbeatable Quality and Versatility for Everyday Use Our embroidered bag with the puppy embroidery design is made from durable materials, ensuring a long-lasting accessory that can withstand daily use. The bag features ample storage space and comfortable straps, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both style and practicality. The versatile design for embroidery complements any outfit, whether you're running errands or enjoying a day out with friends. A Delightful Gift Idea for Dog Enthusiasts The embroidered bag with puppy embroidery design makes a thoughtful and unique gift for dog lovers. Surprise your friends and family with this charming accessory that showcases their love for puppies in a stylish and functional way. It's a gift that they will appreciate and treasure for years to come. Embrace your love for puppies with our adorable embroidered bag featuring a heart-stealing puppy machine embroidery design. This charming accessory is perfect for dog enthusiasts who want to carry their passion for pets with them wherever they go. With its captivating design for embroidery machine , unbeatable quality, and versatility for everyday use, this bag is an ideal choice for those seeking a playful and stylish accessory. Don't miss the opportunity to own this delightful bag that is sure to make a statement and brighten up any outfit.
  4. Adorable Embroidered Cosmetics Bag with Sewing Mouse Design Introducing the charming Embroidered Cosmetics Bag with Mouse likes sewing craft embroidery design, the perfect accessory to keep your makeup essentials organized and easily accessible. The delightful sewing mouse design adds a whimsical touch to this stylish and functional cosmetics bag, making it an ideal addition to any fashion-conscious individual's collection. Whimsical Sewing Mouse Design The enchanting Sewing Mouse Design features a cute and playful mouse diligently working on a sewing project. This unique and endearing design adds a touch of whimsy to your cosmetics bag, setting it apart from ordinary makeup storage solutions. Premium Quality and Durable Materials The Embroidered Cosmetics Bag with Sewing Mouse Design is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring a durable and long-lasting accessory. The expertly stitched embroidery design not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to the bag's overall sturdiness and resilience. Spacious and Practical Design The generously sized cosmetics bag offers ample space to store and organize your makeup essentials, making it an ideal solution for both daily use and travel. The practical design features a secure zipper closure, ensuring that your belongings are safely stowed away and protected from damage. Add a touch of whimsy to your daily routine with the charming Embroidered Cosmetics Bag with Sewing Mouse Design. This delightful accessory is the perfect blend of style and function, providing ample space to store and organize your makeup essentials while adding a unique and endearing design element. The sewing mouse design is both adorable and captivating, making this cosmetics bag a must-have addition to any fashionista's accessory collection. Crafted from premium quality materials, this durable and long-lasting bag is perfect for daily use or travel, ensuring that your makeup essentials are always organized and easily accessible. Embrace the charm of the Sewing Mouse Design and elevate your cosmetics storage game with this enchanting accessory. Author: Ann-Kristin Kristoffersen
  5. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Looking for embroidery for the upcoming winter holidays? A beautiful decoration for a Christmas pillow or a bag for a gift. One color of thread. You can use different colors to make a series of one-piece items. Size: 4.74 x 6.08
  6. This photo shows nice Christmas composition which creates merry holiday mood. Here you can see beautiful candlestick looking like metal lace and amazing case which seems to be pretty holiday gift for somebody. It is decorated with Redwork Christmas ball free embroidery design. This thematic sample is very good for making cool leather case which is suitable for keeping glasses or phone.
  7. There is the pillowcase for the interior cushion with special design. Bright pink color of the fabric and Christmas ball free embroidery design may create the festive mood for any person. The pillowcase is added by light green thematic inscription — so all the composition includes three intensive colors. It is an excellent solution if you want to prepare to the celebration in a short time and complement your home with nice festive accessory.
  8. This is pretty multifunctional textile case. You can use it to protect your smartphone or glasses from any damages. It is executed in beautiful Christmas style. It is underlined by Redwork Christmas ball free embroidery design and amazing fabric with delicate shine. Furthermore its lining is made from funny textile with Christmas deer. This work piece is prepared by Johanna Hasselbrink.
  9. Version any popular formats


    Size: 7.83 x 3.83' Author: Nadya Elkina
  10. Version CDR format


    Christmas decor of winter house. An excellent choice for a gift. Format for Corel Draw software.
  11. Version CDR format


    Christmas and New Year is the time for gifts and decorations. Use your cutting machine to unleash your creativity.
  12. Christmas merry holiday. And you need to decorate the house with bright things. An embroidery machine will be of great help to you. The teddy bear is always a popular machine embroidery design. It can be used for decorating gifts for kids. Available here Teddy bear on Christmas ball embroidery design
  13. View File Christmas ball freestanding lace free embroidery design Size: 4.17 x 4.49' Author: Svmm Step by step instruction: Points conntectionfor 2 embroidery designs Submitter Berez Submitted 01/08/2022 Category Lace and FSL  
  14. Version CDR format


    Best as simple decoration or gift. Format for Corel Draw software. Author: 3osi
  15. View File Four Christmas ball free embroidery designs Size: 7.83 x 3.83' Author: Nadya Elkina Submitter Berez Submitted 10/22/2022 Category Christmas  
  16. Version CDR format


    A wonderful set for creating decorations for the new year and Christmas. Various materials can be used. Author: Ola Malsimova
  17. View File Christmas ball blue free embroidery design Size: 1.48 x 3.64' Author: Maxim Temerov Submitter Berez Submitted 08/23/2022 Category Christmas  
  18. Version Any popular formats


    Size: 1.48 x 3.64' Author: Maxim Temerov
  19. Version Any popular formats


    Size: 3.39 x 3.92' Author: Maxim Temerov
  20. View File Christmas ball with eyes free embroidery design Size: 3.39 x 3.92' Author: Maxim Temerov Submitter Berez Submitted 08/05/2022 Category Christmas  
  21. Version Any popular formats.


    UK British Union Jack flag turned into a football badge, personalize a t-shirt or fleece jacket. Why not its free. I digitized it for you all to enjoy and do with as you please Size: 2.05 x 2.05'
  22. Version Any popular formats


    Size: 5.74 x 7.03' Author: Alexey Vavilov
  23. View File Pig soccer player free embroidery design Size: 5.74 x 7.03' Author: Alexey Vavilov Submitter Berez Submitted 06/20/2022 Category Cartoon  
  24. Version Any popular formats


    Size: 5.12 x 5.12' Author: Alexey Vavilov
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