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Found 32 results

  1. There is the nice case for sewing machine decorated with some samples of embroidery. Main of them is Squirrel sewing embroidery design. It shows the funny picture of little squirrel sitting on the big thread bobbin and sewing the long band with hearts. All embroidered pictures are made on black background which makes them more expressive. The main image is also added by the name of the owner of sewing machine.
  2. This is the special embroidery sample which is completely clear just for the people who is in this theme. Hot Rod is the kind of automobile which is modified to be able to achieve the maximum speed. So it’s not surprising that this embroidered picture is added by the images of skull and fire around it. Hot Rod embroidery design is executed as the patch which can be sewn on any surface you want.
  3. This is Missy my grey seal cat, I have tried to copy her image in this free design, I love it. Shirt has iron on violene on the back and wash away in the hooping.
  4. It is the set of towels which were made for man who loves fast, beautiful and powerful automobiles with the glorious history. Two terry towels of deep dark grey color are decorated with the logo of famous Australian car manufacturer using its corporate colors. White roaring lion with raised paw on red background added with the name of car is an excellent design solution made with Holden logo machine embroidery design.
  5. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 3.91 x 3.91'
  6. This is piece of striped fabric decorated with Gnomes celebrate Valentine's Day too embroidery design. Author decided to change original sample to remove clear reference to world day of all lovers. It is quite easy: just don’t make little heart near gnome’s figure and now it is only portrait of merry little dwarf in funny cap with little bell on it.
  7. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Heart made from patches. Original design for decorating gifts for Valentine's Day. cross-stitch style. In other designs, it can be used to create a quilt or a set of pillows. Size: 3.44 x 2.98" Author: Mary Stratan
  8. Version Dst, exp hus, jef, pes, vp3


    The original project made in the style of cross-stitch. Can be used as decoration napkins for gift. Add a name or caption. The calm colors of the threads underline the vintage. Size: 3.33 x 3.21" Author: Mari Stratan
  9. Here we will place everything that can be repaired and restored with the help of machine embroidery. The word "clothing" is here applied conditionally so that it is not associated with the repair of embroidery technology.
  10. This is nice embroidered cushion prepared as souvenir for parents of newborn baby. Its front side is decorated Favorite baby bottle machine embroidery design. It is picture of little bear which is so happy because of tasty food in its paws. Embroidery sample is added by all necessary information about birth day of little girl. There are her weight, height, time and date of birth and certainly her name.
  11. This picture shows fragment of convenient textile bag made from durable cotton fabric. It is decorated with original and funny sample which reminds about scary tales from your childhood. It is Ugly witch embroidery design. This is portrait of old woman with unattractive face of strange shade. She has dirty grey hair and leaky hat with patch on her head.
  12. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Max size: 7.67 x 8.67'
  13. View File St. Valentine's Day heart cross stitch free embroidery design 2 The original project made in the style of cross-stitch. Can be used as decoration napkins for gift. Add a name or caption. The calm colors of the threads underline the vintage. Size: 3.33 x 3.21" Author: Mari Stratan Submitter diver361 Submitted 02/14/2018 Category Valentine's Day  
  14. View File Valentine's day heart cross stitch free embroidery design Heart made from patches. Original design for decorating gifts for Valentine's Day. cross-stitch style. In other designs, it can be used to create a quilt or a set of pillows. Size: 3.44 x 2.98" Author: Mary Stratan Submitter diver361 Submitted 02/11/2018 Category Valentine's Day  
  15. I have to make a patch from this. I have pe 10 design. If i make the patch it is rounded, my image is rectangular, how can i fit it together please. Sorry for my English is not my native language. Thank you very much
  16. View File Set with Flowers 3D embroidery Max size: 7.67 x 8.67' Submitter Patch Submitted 05/29/2015 Category Flowers free machine embroidery designs  
  17. Free download design Although the entire topic on our forum is dedicated to mending jeans, I dare to suggest a creative patch of my own design, which I affectionately named the "Hole with the fringe". Generally, we do either what we like or what we need to do. This time I tried to combine business with pleasure. The business in my case involved my husband's jeans in need of a repair (he tried to sit down in them and here you are; someone here sure needs to eat less ), and the pleasure lied in my interest in what I could do with them, so I hoped that he will discard these old jeans entirely and buy a new pair (those were his exact words the moment he saw the design I created in Wilcom). But it didn't work out that way at all. After the work was completed, my hubby refused to let go of his favorite jeans, what's more, my daughter literally demanded to winterize her trendy ripped ones. Which is something that I still have to face. I hope someone likes my idea. But let's get to the point. What you'll need: 1. Torn jeans. 2. A piece of dense fabric (denim is preferable). 3. A tear-away stabilizer or embroidery paper. 4. A set of embroidery threads (I use sewing polyester ones). 5. And your embroidery machine, of course. 6. I created the design myself for this occasion. The making process goes like this: Hoop the tear-away stabilizer. Stick a piece of denim (it can be of a matching or a contrasting color) onto it. Embroider the design at a low speed, making 15 color changes instead of all 18 (polyester sewing thread is a bit coarse for such a small design, so it can rip off the stabilizer; also, in my opinion, jeans require stronger threads than the embroidery ones but this is a matter of preferences; the size of the design is fitted to the hole on the jeans). Then, there is a stop. Without unhooping the fabric, put the torn jeans on top of the already embroidered fragment and secure them with needles. (If necessary, unseam the jeans prior to that). Insert the hoop back into the machine and embroider the three remaining color changes. After that, make incisions from the center of the hole toward its edges (preferably at the right angle). Fluff up the incisions, picking out the threads you don't need with the blunt side of scissors (the way kids curl strips of paper). Cut out the patch from the wrong side, leaving allowance, and remove the stabilizer wherever possible (the rest will gradually wash away). If you unseamed the jeans, now is time to sew them up. The "hole with the fringe" is ready for use. By the way, this method is good not only for mending accidental tears but also for winterizing ripped jeans. In between, I repaired the hems: I cut away the frayed parts. Divided the leftover denim into strips. Formed them in two circles matching the hems in circumference: Folded these welt pieces in two, stitched them to the hems and serged the edges. Folded the hems to the face and added two stitch lines along the serge finish. In such a way I repaired the frayed edges without changing the jeans length. This is how the jeans look on a person. And in case they tear again I'll think of some other technique. Good luck and good day to all!
  18. View File Escutcheon girl powers free embroidery design little work yesterday. applied patch 12.6 cm x 8,90cm Submitter sasthia Submitted 04/04/2016 Category Decoration free embroidery designs  
  19. View File Indian badge free embroidery design Size: 3.71 x 4.26' Submitter test8 Submitted 02/18/2015 Category Labels and letters embroidery  
  20. View File Heraldry free embroidery Size: 3.33 x 3.70' for small hoop Submitter ramages Submitted 01/06/2014 Category Heraldry free embroidery designs  
  21. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 7.51 x 9.03'
  22. View File Strange woman photo stitch free embroidery design 2 Size: 7.51 x 9.03' Submitter test5 Submitted 04/25/2016 Category Photo stitch embroidery designs  
  23. Version 1.0.0


    little work yesterday. applied patch 12.6 cm x 8,90cm
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