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Found 23 results

  1. There is beautiful kitchen potholder that looks like true piece of art. It is real tool of decoration of your kitchen and useful accessory at same time. Author: Maureen Nysschen Fresco. This thing is executed on base of My big heart cross stitch free embroidery design. It is one color embroidery sample. So you can choose any shade of thread you want.
  2. Cats are the pets which can express any emotions: they can be cute or sly, angry or affectionate, sleepy or energetic or thousands of other conditions. This Funny cute cat free machine embroidery design is the picture of cunning cat which seem to steal a sausage a minute ago. It is made in grayscale in cartoon manner so this image is good for decoration of teenagers’ bag, clothes or any textile accessories.
  3. This is laconic and stylish embroidered kitchen accessory. Originally it is potholder, but it also can be used as napkin or other thing. Its top side is decorated with Modern Christmas Tree free embroidery design. Anna Bienek, author of this work piece, chose it because it is gift for her friend for Christmas. You also can create such pretty handmade gift.
  4. There are some examples of using Santa Claus applique free embroidery design for creation of nice Christmas souvenirs. They look identical but of you will examine it closely you may note some different details — for example as the colors of their caps. This embroidery sample is designed as the potholders but in fact they can be used for decoration of any textile accessories of other work pieces connected with Christmas.
  5. This is the nice potholder which can be the cute gift for New Year or Christmas. It is made of deep green quilted fabric with bright red border. The sample used for decoration of this work piece is Dwarves embroidery design. There are three cute dwarves. Each of them wears the pretty big cap with his own ornament. One character keeps the light in his hands and the other one has the gift for his friend.
  6. This is very beautiful kitchen set based on just one vintage embroidery sample. It is Two ducks free embroidery design. You may see it on these small kitchen towels, napkins and plates. They look differently but at same time in one style. Together they create very memorable and original atmosphere for your kitchen. Your guests definitely will be in delight.
  7. This is nice kitchen accessory with original design. It is made from dense quilted cotton with practical dark border. Due to this solution it can be used not only as ordinary napkin but also as potholder. Furthermore it definitely will be good embellishment of your kitchen which reminds about old fairy tales for children. It is decorated with Two ducks free embroidery design. Author: Marj Newton‎
  8. This funny chicken is the sample of Rooster kitchen potholder free embroidery design. The task to make this cute potholder is not as difficult as it may seem on first glance: background of the picture is created by the texture of the fabric, not by stitches. So this cool kitchen accessory is made of friendly face with slightly dreamy expression, couple of wings and two yellow legs with little claws.
  9. There is the extraordinary potholder for kitchen. The entirely work piece is the figure of merry chicken with a small loop at the top. For making this item we used Rooster kitchen potholder free machine embroidery design made on unusual plaid fabric. This solution makes the details of the potholder even more expressive. But in fact the process of work under this textile accessory is not so difficult: there are just some elements creating the chicken.
  10. There is the set of three funny potholders. Each of them is the figure of little chicken with the loop at the top. The left one is Rooster kitchen potholder free embroidery design, potholder in the middle is Chicken kitchen potholder free embroidery design and the right work piece is Rooster kitchen potholder machine embroidery design. This set can be the nice gift for the person who loves to cook.
  11. There is the funny potholder made for the usage at the kitchen. It is made in red and white color scheme except of eyes, bill and feet which are yellow. The excellent solution is the choice of red plaid fabric as the background for the embroidery. The border of Rooster kitchen potholder free embroidery design is made with white thread which gives this item lightness and underlines the other elements.
  12. There is the pretty potholder which has the convenient circle form. It is added by blue embroidered border ant small loop at its top part. But its true highlight is Funny dog applique free embroidery design which shows the figure of little curious puppy with brown fluffy fur which is ready to find the adventures. The embroidered picture has the size which is very suitable for the square of potholder.
  13. This is the cute set of two potholders which are necessary at any kitchen. We used the same Funny dog applique free embroidery design for each of them. The figure of pretty little puppy looks very nice on the simple background made of white fabric. The only significant difference between these potholders is the color of borders and loops: one of them has deep red and the other one has blue.
  14. Many women like to decorate their house with products with embroidery. It can be a picture, a decorative pillow or even a banal potholder. The main thing is that the products with embroidery create their own unique coziness in the house. Find this design Funny frog free embroidery design 10 Funny frog free embroidery design 9 Funny frog free embroidery design 8
  15. All women want to see their house beautiful and cozy. And as everyone knows, coziness is creating by cute knick knacks, for example, embroidered kitchen potholders. They are adorable. Find this design Rooster kitchen potholder free machine embroidery design, Chicken kitchen potholder free embroidery design, Rooster kitchen potholder free embroidery design 2
  16. What are kitchen potholders? It's just a piece of cloth. But if you decorate it thematic patterns or floral design, it can be a work of art. It all depends on what you select design embroidery. Find this design Rooster kitchen potholder free machine embroidery design and Rooster kitchen potholder free embroidery design 2
  17. Kitchen potholders are indispensable helpers for every housewife. And, with the original embroidery, such potholders will be a highlight in your kitchen. Find this design Rooster kitchen potholder free machine embroidery design
  18. Machine embroidery allows to you create interesting and unusual gifts. Review our works and you will find something interesting for yourself. Find this design Rooster kitchen potholder free machine embroidery design Chicken kitchen potholder free embroidery design Rooster kitchen potholder free embroidery design 2
  19. Potholder free embroidery design View File Size: 5.35 x 8.22' Submitter lone Submitted 10/04/2014 Category Kitchen and Cooking embroidery designs  
  20. This is nice kitchen napkin for serving which also can be used as potholder to take hot crockery. It is decorated with Kitten in a mug applique free embroidery design executed in suitable color scheme. It is funny picture which shows little cat sitting in tea cup. Do you also think it is cute? So let it please you every day on your own kitchen accessory! Author: Margaret Nelson (USA)
  21. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 5.35 x 8.22'
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